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Best Throw Flashlight under $100 in 2021: Top 5 Reviews

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throw flashlight to use for hunting

There are two kinds of flashlights, so let’s clarify what we are talking about here. A flood flashlight projects its beam and catches a lot of the surroundings.

A throw flashlight is precisely what its name suggests. It throws its light to a specific spot or target over a long distance and doesn’t light up the surrounding area. A throw flashlight uses a parabolic reflector (a device that collects and reflects light, sound, radio waves, etc., having the form of a paraboloid of circular cross-section). If the LED is directed at the right target, the light hits the parabola and will reflect off, throwing the light in one direction.

In this article, we are going to review the best throw flashlights under $100. Check it out!

Best Throw Flashlights under $100 - Our Top Picks

Acebeam L16 Tactical

The Acebeam L16 has an extremely bright light. With a 5 year warranty and a USB recharger, it means you can recharge from your car.


A very high-performance flashlight with two switches. This flashlight is tactical, meaning, it can be used in conjunction with a firearm to aid low light focus on a target. One switch is located on the side and has five functions, including strobe activation. The tail switch is for a one-touch turbo function. 2000 Lumens is an extremely high output of light compared to others. The LED are manufactured by CREE, a US company that produces top-quality LED. It has a USB rechargeable capacity. It has a long throwing capacity, up to 1878 ft. The flashlight is waterproof for extreme conditions.


  • Twice as bright as similarly priced competitors
  • Recommended for law enforcement personal
  • The throw is 90,000 candela (a measurement of luminous intensity)
  • Simple to Use
  • Bright spill
  • Hardy. Unbreakable when dropped from a height


  • The strobe function is nothing special and has little use
  • The side switches for different modes are difficult to use
  • The holster is poorly designed

Customer Sentiment

There is overwhelming support for this throw flashlight. Most users rate it very highly. Overall, it has been given an exceptional endorsement.

Fenix FD40 1000 Lumens

This flashlight has the double function of throw or flood, by twisting the light head or bezel. With 1000 lumen output from one battery, the Fenix FD40 comes with six modes, including strobe function. Ideal for camping or photography. This flashlight is tripod mountable, although tripod is not included. The side switch is made of stainless steel and can be locked to ensure against incidental activation.


Uses CREE manufactured XP-L H1 LED. Has a maximum beam distance of 984 ft. Powered by one rechargeable battery. Adjustable focus with a stainless steel side switch. Constant brightness. It includes a spare battery case for second back-up battery.


  • Small, fits into the hand easily
  • Easily understood features
  • LED life-span of 50,000 hours Guarantee
  • CREE LED are extra high powered
  • Throw or flood adjustable beam
  • Sturdy and waterproof and yet light to hold


  • Batteries are not included
  • Contains only one battery
  • A little big to fit in a pocket but no holster or pants clip included
  • Slide switch only. No rear tail switch

Customer Sentiment

This flashlight was received with enthusiasm by most customers. They are familiar and loyal to the Fenix brand name. While there was no doubting the brightness of the CREE LED. There was some dissatisfaction with the dual function of throw and flood.

Edisonbright OLIGHT M23 Javelot

Like the Acebeam L16, the M23 Javelot is a tactical flashlight, which features high-density CREE XP-L LED. The M23 Javelot has a maximum throw of 1063 ft. The light has a stainless steel bezel and a tail-cap design that makes it stable and impact resistant. The M23 Javelot is a trail-blazer in the new throw flashlights on the market today.


The M 23 Javelot has the very latest CREE manufactured XP-L-LED with an output of 1020 lumens. A shock-proof body which enhances durability. Water and impact resistant. Powered by two EdisonBright Lithium Batteries.


  • Good tight flashlight thrower
  • High performance
  • Versatile and light
  • Extreme brightness on High Mode setting
  • Head twist to select modes
  • Light throw is over 1000 ft


  • Some customers described the holster (or pant’s clip) as useless
  • The batteries are not included and are not rechargeable
  • Several reports of function mode mal-function after one year

Customer Sentiment

This throw flashlight had a mixed reaction among customers. While most agreed, it was one of the best for the price, the major drawback was that the batteries are not rechargeable, which is of no help if they die during a crucial operation. It was suggested to buy a supply of quality batteries to have as a back-up.

Trustfire T62 LED

The Trustfire T62 LED is a rechargeable throw flashlight. It is a tactical model that incorporates CREE XHP70 LED to produce 3600 lumens. This waterproof flashlight is ideal for camping, hunting, rescue, and home defense.


The Trustfire T62, importantly, has a rechargeable function. Being a tactical model, it can be attached to a firearm and is appropriate for hunting. It is also recommended for camping, rescue, and home defense. 3600 lumens for the price is very reasonable. It’s relevant to note that the Trustfire T62 does not come with batteries or charger. Consequently, an extra charge may be added to the quoted price. This is a multi-purpose flashlight, that has both a flood and throw option. There are five operating modes: Turbo, High, Medium, Strobe, and SOS. The SOS mode is an automatic switch to the distress option. The flashlight will automatically run three dots, three dashes, and three dots. 


  • The tactical tail switch is more useful than a side switch, particularly when aligned to a hunting device. It’s quick, easy and definitive
  • Increased running time by adding a third battery using the remote tube extension
  • High quality and durability. Holds up to the recoil of a 12 gauge shotgun
  • Unbelievably bright
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof in up to 6.5 ft of water


  • The flashlight gets hot after a short period of use
  • Does not come with batteries or charger

Customer Sentiment

The Trustfire T62 was a real winner with customers. The brand plays a large role when attracting a customer to this flashlight. Many customers have a collection of Trustfire models. They cannot speak highly enough about this brand. This particular model thrilled the enthusiasts, especially the hunters. It comes highly recommended.

Klarus XT11X

The Klarus XT11X has a powerful bright light. It’s a tactical throw flashlight so it’s particularly suitable for law enforcement and hunting. It is a USB rechargeable flashlight that features a unique charging system. The charge is monitored to prevent overcharging. There is an indicator that shows the charge on the side switch.


The Klarus XT11X produces 3200 lumens, which for the price, exceeds the competitors. CREE manufactured XHP70.2 P2 LED, offers extreme illumination. It has a rechargeable tactical, powerful flashlight. It has a smooth function interface with a strobe, turbo, memory, and SOS switch. It also has the much-wanted tail switch for ease of use. It has a maximum beam throw of 928 ft.


  • Five-year warranty to repair and replace at no cost
  • Solid-body and construction
  • A granulated strike bezel
  • Side switch with function modes and a fast tail switch for tactical precision
  • Competitively priced with throw flashlights with similar or fewer lumens
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Lightweight. Feels good in the hand.


  • It’s bright, but the beam throw tends to be flooded and not highly concentrated
  • The battery capacity could be higher
  • Lots of buttons on the interface and too many options make it confusing to use at speed

Customer Sentiment

Again, like Trustfire, Klarus has its own fan-base dedicated to buying its products. But it didn’t win over everyone, having quite a few disappointments. One customer even shed doubt on the lengthy warranty. However, this throw flashlight does tick a lot of the boxes for the price.

What You Need To Know About the Best Throw Flashlights

With throw flashlights, it all about the throw. Flashlights capable of a long throw are most suitable to campers, hunters, search and rescue workers, farmers and security personnel. A good throw flashlight can project a long beam and focus on objects that are a long-distance away. Usually, everyday flashlights are not capable of doing this as they are designed to flood an area with a general light.

There are five essential factors to consider when it comes to throw flashlights.

Lumens And Throw Distance

Lumen - the unit that is used to measure light output. The more Lumens a flashlight produces, the brighter the flashlight beam. It all depends on your intended purpose of use for the flashlight. Generally, the more Lumens produced, the more expensive the flashlight. It pays to shop around and wait for the sales. The combination of Lumens and LED choice makes all the difference. There are many cheap LED on the market. Avoid them. All the best throw flashlights use CREE. CREE is an American manufacturer, specializing in the best LED lighting.

Battery Type

There are two main types of battery. Rechargeable and non-rechargeable. A non-rechargeable battery is ok for those who seldom need a flashlight and who have a few spare battery packs on hand. But for those that require a long throw flashlight for their work or hobby, rechargeable batteries would be a better choice. Try and find a deal that includes flashlight, batteries, and charger. It will work out less expensive in the end.


Durability does matter especially if the throw flashlight is used in the work-place - law enforcement, construction, farmer. These occupations require a flashlight that can keep and last through harsh and wet conditions or dropped from a height.


There are many flashlight fans and the one thing they don’t want to think about is the budget. When you are looking for an everyday flashlight, there are many inexpensive options. Even throw flashlights using A3 and A4 batteries are affordable.
However, if you are interested in high-performance throw flashlights for work or a hobby, you have to be prepared to spend a little more.


After careful examination of five best throw flashlights under $100, the one that ticks all the boxes is the Trustfire T62 LED.

It’s a brilliant long-distance beam. It is also very easy to operate and priced very competitively. Of all five reviewed, we found that it had the highest Lumen count complimented with CREE LED. A tactical flashlight with a throw of 1515 ft. This is the best choice in our opinion.