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Top 5 Best Treestand Backpack Straps in 2021

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Treestand Backpack Straps

Why wouldn’t the straps that came with my treestand be fine? When you buy a climbing treestand, the straps included are thinner, more uncomfortable, or lower quality than you need. A stand gets heavy to pack in and out of the woods as you search for the perfect tree by your favorite deer trail. An upgrade to your straps saves your shoulders and back from unnecessary pain.

In this article, we dig deep and review the features, pros, and cons of the best treestand backpack straps that you can buy. Let's dive in.

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table

Best Treestand Backpack Straps Reviews

Summit Treestands Bungee Tether and Backpack Strap

If you’re looking for a comfortable and high-quality strap for your treestand, get the Summit Treestands Bungee Tether and Backpack Strap. The bungee material strap also comes with a bungee tether for tree-climbing and two extra ratchet straps. The straps loop around the top of your stand frame and buckle at the bottom.

Customers who reviewed the Bungee Tether and Backpack Strap set from Summit Treestands were impressed with the durability of the product. One hunter mentioned that after a year of use in harsh weather, the straps didn’t show signs of dry-rotting or wear. The bungee and ratchet straps are also a great addition for transport of the stand and safety climbing trees.

Although this product is high quality and durable, it is expensive. The straps don’t come with instructions and some customers had trouble attaching them. The manufacturer says that they’re compatible with other brands, but the clips on either end of the strap aren’t common and you might not get them to fit with some brands.

Overall, when it comes to carrying a bulky stand, this set of straps and tether will help you go the distance. The bungee is comfortable and labor-saving, and all that combines to make this our top pick.


  • Bungee eases cutting
  • Comes with tether
  • Comes with ratchet straps
  • Quality


  • Expensive
  • Inconvenient attachment

Summit Treestands Backpack Straps

If you’re a fan of Summit Treestands and you’re looking for a comfortable, affordable option, the Summit Treestands Backpack Straps are for you. This simple, classic strap resembles the standard straps that come with this brand, but with even better, upgraded comfort.

The most affordable option on our list, these straps are camouflage, to upgrade your hunt and make you harder to spot, whether you’re stalking deer or sitting in a tree. The manufacturer lists this product as compatible with any of the Summit Treestands and with treestands made by other brands.

This product has the same challenge as our top pick, it’s inconvenient to attach, and it must be detached and reattached each time you use your stand. Several customers said that the product image showed a quick release strap that wasn’t included.

Overall, we recommend this product as an affordable, high quality option. If you have a Summit Treestand or a brand that is compatible with their accessories, this product will be well-suited for your needs.


  •  Affordable
  • Camouflage
  • Compatible with other brands


  • Inconvenient attachment
  • Not as pictured

The Xtreme Outdoor Products (XOP) Treestand Backpack Straps are affordable and come in plain olive green. They have neoprene shoulder pads and a good amount of strap length. They also receive a full five-star rating on Amazon.

Customers had nothing but good things to say about these straps. Although they’re a bit more than some of the other options available, the straps are easy to attach and comfortable for backpacking. The construction is durable and they’re good quality material.

Although this product has a five-star rating, XOP is new to the market and is mostly unknown. They don’t have a much of a track record, and you could run into some problems with the quality, warranty or customer service. Or – you could not; there isn’t any way to know yet.

Overall, we are excited to see this new manufacturer and their Treestand Backpack Straps. The build is good quality and we think they’ll hold up well over the long run.


  • Affordable
  • Neoprene shoulder pads
  • Easy to attach


  • Newly founded company

Lone Wolf Padded Backpack Straps

These Padded Backpack Straps are made by another well-established brand, Lone Wolf. They are affordable and easy to attach and have very wide shoulder pads which help to distribute the weight evenly for long treks.

The Lone Wolf product description doesn’t list these as compatible with other treestand brands, but customers said that they’ve attached these straps to other stands with no issue. The pads are double-sided neoprene and there is no webbing sewn through the pad. Overall, they are very strong – and we believe they will last for a long, long time.

Although these come from a well-known brand, customers complained that the straps weren’t well-padded and cut into their shoulders. Several people also said that the straps are difficult to adjust, especially when you’re already wearing them. And due to their high price, many found the quality a bit disappointing; surely they could deliver something a little better.

Overall, the Lone Wolf Padded Backpack Straps are a solid option. They’re compatible with Lone Wolf and other treestand brands, and we think they’ll do an excelent job at improving your stand-packing experience.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to attach
  • Compatible with other brands


  • Thin material
  • Difficult to adjust

US Peacekeeper Backpack Straps

The US Peacekeeper Backpack Straps are utilitarian, olive green straps. The manufacturer lists them as compatible to use on any pack with well-spaced D-ring attachment points. They are water-resistant and come with a lifetime warranty.

The chest strap on these excels at weight distribution, which makes the US Peacekeeper Backpack Straps perfect for everyone - from hunters with a climber treestand to students with their musical instrument’s cases, if they wanted to use them for that.  

Some customers said that the plastic buckles and clips broke easily on this product. And most agreed that this product was useless to carry more than 25lbs; they just weren’t strong enough.  A few customers also commented that the straps were shorter than they needed.

Overall, the US Peacekeeper Backpack Straps are an inexpensive version of an Army surplus strap. They’re functional and helpful for all kinds of use, and we recommend you give them a shot – especially for the super affordable price tag. What more could you ask for, with that price?


  • Works well for any pack – hunting and more
  • Very Affordable
  • Chest strap
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Bad for over 25lbs
  • Clips break easily
  • Short straps

How Do I Attach Treestand Backpack Straps?

If your new straps come with buckles on the ends, you can loop the end of each strap around your hunting stand and back through the buckle. Position them equally so they’re in the same place on both sides and top and bottom. This will help distribute the weight so that the stand does not hang heavier on one side.

Some brands come with a single strap, with a buckle on each end. To attach, loop it around the top of your stand and buckle the ends in at the bottom. This can be done by folding the strap in half so that the ends match, setting a loop behind the top frame of your stand, then feeding both ends of the strap around the frame and through the loop. Now your strap should be attached at the top, making it easy to buckle both ends in at the bottom.


These backpack straps can really ensure you have a good hunt. From the list above, we strongly recommend the Summit Treestands Bungee Tether and Backpack Strap. This bungee is extremely durable and comfortable.

A proper strap can really save you from unnecessary fatigue while on a hunt. They are definitely a must have!