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Eagle Eye X700 Tactical Flashlight: In-Depth Review for 2021

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Keeping a utility flashlight on hand is essential for every household, but did you know you can do even more? When you have one on hand, it becomes a useful tool that makes life easier.

When people think of flashlights, they think of a light that can be used to check the garage, see during a power outage, or a piece of equipment to pack before camping. Tactical flashlights do more than provide light. With the right model, you can get several functions in one item that suits all of your needs. 

Whether signaling for help, lighting up a dark room, acting in self-defense or identifying targets, used for hunting, military-grade flashlights have a range of attributes that make your job easier or help you out in case of emergencies. We took a look at a high-performance model, the Eagle Eye X700, to see whether it can suit your needs.

Eagle Eye X700 tactical flashlight review

This is a powerful tool that serves a purpose as a tactical light and could be used in a variety of settings. It has a number of features that help it stand out. Here is a detailed look at the features of the Eagle Eye X700:


The Eagle Eye X700 is made with aircraft-grade aluminum. Choosing a high-quality aluminum flashlight has several advantages. It is a lightweight but strong alloy, making it easy to carry but hard-wearing against daily and self-defense usage. Aluminum is also corrosion-resistant, so any flashlight made from this material will have a long-lasting casing.

The bulb is a Cree T6 LED. This has several advantages over fluorescent or incandescent lights, as LEDs are small, energy-efficient, produce minimal heat, they have a longer lifespan and operate well in hot and cold temperatures. This model provides 100,000 lamp life hours.


This flashlight has a telescoping focus, which means you can twist to adjust the beam of light. There are four different focus levels to allow you to be very precise in your targeting, moving from x1, x250, x500, all the way up to x2000.


As well as the bright beam, which can be used to stun or blind assailants, this tactical light also has a beveled edge around the beam. These edges can be useful when defending yourself, and allow you to use this item as a club, or in the event of an emergency, can be used to break glass.


You can change the preset modes of the Eagle Eye X700 depending on your requirements. For the brightest illumination, you can set the light to high. For searching places or other uses when you don’t want a bright beam, you can use the medium or even the low settings.

This product has two special features, a strobe setting, and an SOS mode. Whether you are signaling someone, calling for help, trying to distract an animal when hunting or protecting yourself at night, you can use the strobe or SOS modes.


  • High-quality materials
  • Long-lasting, in terms of materials and lamp life hours
  • Useful preset modes such as SOS
  • Multiple settings


  • Small in overall size, so might not meet every need
  • Large flashlight head
  • Only available as an online purchase

Needs to Knows of the Eagle Eye X700 Tactical Flashlight

The flashlight is operated with 2 AA batteries and has a 1200 lumen output, making it one of the brightest tactical lights to choose from. Like any good tactical flashlight, it has several practical attributes. It is waterproof, and the front glass is toughened and has an anti-reflective coating.

While aluminum is durable and dependable, it can be smooth and slippery. That isn’t an issue with the X700, as it has anti-roll features and the slip-resistant body is designed for a secure grip. It is easy to work all of the controls on this tactical light. There are two buttons, one for turning on the light and increasing or decreasing the beam intensity, and the other turns the strobe or SOS effects on or off. The focus is easily controlled by twisting the head.

Best Uses of Eagle Eye X700 Tactical Flashlight

The size and weight of the X700 mean it is a tactical light that can also be used around the house. It isn't too cumbersome, so if you need to check the cupboard under the stairs, this will suit your needs.

It's perfect for that hunting or camping trip where you need a powerful flashlight at night.

It has great advantages as a tactical flashlight, as that is its main purpose. The high intensity focused beam is ideal for startling intruders, disorienting assailants, or picking out and identifying whatever you are looking for. You’ll particularly like the strobe/SOS functions if you want a device that can signal for help or be used as a communication tool.

Although the large torch head is awkward for storage, it has beveled edges, which makes it a reassuring defense tool. The strong aluminum and beveled edges will be good in emergencies, when you may need to break a window. 


Overall the Eagle Eye X700 Tactical Flashlight delivers in most of the areas you would expect. It is a good entry in the category of multipurpose tools. Particularly as you could use it as a utility light, and as a tactical light that startles, illuminates well, and draws attention when needed (e.g., when hunting).

The significant advantage of this product is how easy it is to operate, with the easy-twist function and button to change modes quickly. It is important to review your needs before purchasing a flashlight. As tactical lights are seen as everyday carry items, finding something with the right weight and size is key.

In terms of function, though, there is plenty for you to enjoy with this device. The bright bulb and telescopic lens is a real plus, and if you are looking for durability, the aircraft-grade aluminum is the way forward. We hope this in-depth review has drawn to light the fantastic capabilities of tactical flashlights in general and helped you when considering this product.