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ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Review for 2021: Features, Pros, and Cons

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Have you been in the market for a new hunting pack? Then you might have seen the ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit. This hunting pack is made for day trips and is lightweight so that you can take it on long trips without feeling fatigued. Whether you are a frequent hunter, or you are trying out the sport for the first time, you need a hunting pack that will hold all you will need for your trip. 

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the many features and specifications that this pack has to offer and make sure that it has all you need for your next trip. We will determine whether this product is a good option for your next hunting trip, or if it not up to par.

Features of the ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit

Shelf Pocket 

This organizational shelf pocket helps to keep the gear that you need quickly accessible for when you need it and helps to keep your pack more organized when filled with all your hunting or camping items for your trip.

D-Ring Clip 

This great addition to the OutdoorZ Pursuit pack makes it quick and easy for you to hang the pack on a tree whenever you stop to take a break or eat a meal. This D-ring clip will attach easily, and has the strength to hold the weight of the full pack securely.

Drop-Down Pocket For Gun Boot or Bow 

This drop-down pocket works as a holder for the boot of your gun or bow as it allows the bottom of the gun or bow to sit inside the packet securely so it won’t move around as you hike to your hunting grounds.

Large Main Pocket 

The main pocket of this Pursuit pack is large enough for anything that you may need to take with you on your trip and can carry a total of 44 liters.

Padded Waist Belt 

This waist belt is used to secure the pack to your body and helps to distribute the weight of the full pack so that you are not putting all the strain on your back or shoulders. The padded belt also makes carrying the pack much more comfortable as it won’t dig into your waist. The belt also comes with pockets for extra storage of smaller items.

Hydration Pocket and Port 

The Pursuit hunting pack comes with a hydration pocket that allows for water to be carried with you as you hunt. This helps keep you hydrated during day trips when the temperatures are warmer, and the port makes it easy to fill and empty.

Mesh Side Pockets 

These added storage pockets are great for smaller items that you can store close by throughout the day so that you can reach them easily when needed. The mesh allows you to see the items and it helps to keep them dry in wet weather conditions.

Rain Cover Included 

The Outdoorz Pursuit pack is made to handle inclement weather and comes with an orange rain cover to help keep you and your weapons out of the rain. The bright orange also helps you be seen easily by other hunters so that even in the rain, there is a lowered chance of mistaking you for game.


With all these different features in one pack, it can be a lot of information to take it at once. So, for those of you who want a quick look at the best features of this OutdoorZ Pursuit pack, here is a concise list of the pros for this hunting pack.

  • Shelf pocket for carrying knives and other items safely 
  • D-ring clip for attaching the pack to trees when resting
  • Drop-down pocket for holding the boot of gun or bottom of bow
  • Large main pocket for larger carrying capacity
  • Padded waist belt for more comfort while carrying pack
  • Hydration pocket and port for holding water while hunting
  • Mesh side pockets for added storage
  • Included orange rain cover for protection during inclement weather 


Like all consumer products, with many pros also come some cons as well. So, if you want to know what you will be getting yourself into before you make your final purchase, then take a look at our list of cons for the OutdoorZ pursuit pack.

  • Shelf pocket could use mesh sides to keep items inside and secure 
  • Chest straps may not be as durable as the rest of the pack
  • Hydration compartment could use some padding so it won’t get punctured 
  • The zippers may be too loud to use when game is nearby
  • The straps are small and may cut into your shoulders if you are taller 

Customer Sentiment 

The fastest way to tell if a product is worth the price of the purchase, is to read customer reviews from recent buyers. Doing this can help you find out about any defects or common problems with the pack so that you can decide if you will want to deal with that while hunting.

Luckily, this OutdoorZ Pursuit pack comes highly-rated with many positive customers reviews online raving about the durability and usefulness of this product. Although there are some negatives that were mentioned, like the lack of durability with the chest strap or the lack of padding on the hydration compartment, there are many more positive sentiments than there are negative.

Overall, customers have been happy with their purchase of this Pursuit pack and love that it is lightweight and compact with the ability to carry their weapon and water with them on a day hunting trip. 


1: Does this Pursuit pack come with a warranty? 

A: Yes, this product is covered by the OutdoorZ warranty. The length of the warranty does depend on a few different factors, so check out the OutdoorZ website to find out any specific warranty information that you may need.

2: Does the rain cover comes in any other colors? 

A: Unfortunately, no. The rain cover only comes in the orange color, but this is a great safety feature because it allows you to be highly visible to other hunters, even in inclement weather.

3: How much does this pack weigh? 

A: The total weight of the pack itself comes to 4 pounds and 1 ounce. This weight is when the pack is empty, so this does not account for carrying a weapon or other items.

4: Does this pack comes in different colors or patterns? 

A: Yes, this pack comes in two different pattern choices. The first is the real-tree edge pattern that blends well with woodsy areas, and the second is mossy-oak country that camouflages well in greener and mossy areas.


The OutdoorZ Pursuit pack had many great features that allow it to be known as a good option for a hunting pack, and with a large number of positive customer reviews and comments, it is tough to argue otherwise. So, is this pack worth it? 

It is safe to say, yes. With the ability to carry your hunting weapon securely, the padded waist belt, and the D-ring clip for hanging on trees, this pack comes with just about anything that you could need for your next hunting trip. So, our final verdict is that this pack will make a great option for anyone looking to take it on their next hunting trip.