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Badlands Superday Pack Review: Features, Pros, and Cons for 2021

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If you have been thinking about purchasing a Badlands Superday Pack, then you are probably wondering if this pack will give you what you want out of a good hunting pack. Whether you are an avid hunter to goes on a trip frequently, or you are a novice hunter that is looking to get more practice, you can enjoy the comfort and stability of this Superday pack. 

In this article, we will look at all the different features of this pack and give a verdict about if this pack is worth the price and decide if this is the product that you hope it is so that you can feel confident taking it with you on your next hunting trip.


Ability to Carry Multiple Weapons 

This Badlands Superday Pack gives you the ability to carry multiple weapons with you on a hunting trip so that you can be ready for anything. The pack is large enough to fit rifles or a bow with you so that you take the weapon of your choice with you. This pack also comes with a hip-belt pistol holster that allows you to attach a handgun as well. 

This allows you to have your choice of weapon with you on your hunt, and it gives you the chance to bring multiple weapons as well. This can be a big help in changing conditions that call for use of a specific weapon.

Durably Designed 

This pack is built for rugged terrain and can last you through heavy use even when you are carrying a lot of weight with you. The pack features Aramid bar tacking on stress points that helps to reinforce areas that hold the bulk of the weight. A single strand of this Aramid fiber can hold more than one-hundred pounds of weight, so you know that this tough material will hold whatever you need with ease.

There are also reinforced carrying straps that help make carrying more weight easier on your back and shoulders by reinforcing the weight so that it distributes more evenly. This helps to keep the weight from being focused on one part of your body, which can cause fatigue.

Bino Connect Compatible 

This Badlands pack is compatible with Badlands Bino Connect System so that you can attach these specialty harnesses. These Bino Connect options allow you to wear one harness, instead of having to wear a second one over the one that comes with the pack, and it gives you a more comfortable carry while out in the field.

This Bino connect harness can be directly attached to your pack harness so that you get a more comfortable carry without added weight.

Molded Foam Suspension 

This pack has molded foam suspension on the harness, which makes your pack much more comfortable, especially on long hunting trips when you are carrying a lot of weight. The molded foam actually conforms to your body so that you get a custom fit over time that makes using the pack better every time you hunt.

Made with Badland’s New KXO-50 Fabric 

This Superday pack is made from a new patented fabric from the Badland’s brand that is said to be completely waterproof, doesn't make noise and scare off any potential targets, and it is incredibly tough. This fabric is an updated version of the original KXO-32 and was made with many of the same features except that this new and improved fabric is even lighter in weight.

Bedroll Straps 

This Badland’s Superday Pack comes with bedroll straps on the bottom of the pack so that you can securely hold a sleeping bag with you for overnight hunting trips. The straps hook together around your sleeping bag or blankets so that they are rolled up under the pack and kept out of the way while you are hunting.

Seven Pockets 

The bulk of the carrying capacity of the pack lies in the main pocket, which holds up to 1,440 CI, but that is not the only pocket on the pack. In fact, this Badland’s pack comes with seven different pockets of various sizes so that you can hold whatever you need for your hunting trip.

Hydration Compatible 

This hunting pack is great for day hunting trips because it is hydration compatible and comes with a bladder that holds up to 2 liters of water. This allows you to carry everything with you in the pack, without needing a separate jug or canteen. 

Pros of the Badlands Superday Pack 

This pack has many different features that are great for use when hunting, so we have compiled a concise list of the various pros that make this pack a great option for anyone planning a hunting trip.

  • Molded foam suspension and Bino Connect compatibility for comfortable carrying 
  • Made from Badland’s KXO-50 fabric with Aramid bar tacking for lasting durability and strength
  • Large enough to carry a rifle or bow and has hip-belt pistol holster that allows for multiple weapons to be carried with you
  • Bedroll straps offer you the chance to take a sleeping bag with you for overnight trips without needing another bag
  • Comes with added hip-belt pouches for extra items
  • Hydration compatibility allows you to carry up to 2 liters of water with you on a hot day trip
  • Has seven pockets to allow for carrying whatever you need on your trip within one pack
  • Helps to distribute weight so that there is less strain on your shoulders


There are many great features that come with this Badland’s Superday pack, but like all products, there are some things that some people may see as cons. Here are a few of the negatives that have been found with this pack:

  • Gun holder does not offer the capacity for a larger sized rifle or bow 
  • The pistol holster is not very big and can only accommodate a compact pistol in it without issue, larger options may have too tight of a fit
  • The hose for the water is a bit stiff and can cause the bladder to sit in an unusual position in the compartment
  • When carrying a pistol, the side pocket nearest it is rendered useless unless the item is extremely small
  • The belt pockets sit far back which makes them difficult to zip after taking an item out, and you may end up having to take the pack off to close it

Customer Sentiment

There are many consumers that have had good experience with this pack, and it is safe to say that the overall customer sentiment is that this pack is a great option for hunters. A quick search online will give you a high number of customer reviews that rave about the many features on this Badland's pack, and with the high majority of customers being happy with their purchase, there are few issues with this option.

Some feedback is neutral, and not 100% positive because of the issues that we mentioned in the cons section. The size of the weapons that are able to fit is one of the biggest issues that customers had, but most were still impressed with the quality of the pack itself. 


1: Does it come with a bow or rifle attachment? 

A: This Badland’s pack comes with a rifle boot that will house the boot of the gun in a material pocket so that the gun will not move around when attached.

2: Does this pack come with a warranty? 

A: Yes, Badland's products are covered by their lifetime guaranty. You can go to their website to find out all the information about what is covered under the warranty.


Overall, this pack seems to be one of the best of its kind. With the ability to carry multiple weapons, bedroll straps for overnight trips, and the capability to hold up to 2 liters of water, this pack gives you everything that you need for your next hunting trip.