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Best Leafy Suit for Turkey Hunting of 2021 Reviews

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Best Leafy Suit for Turkey Hunting

So you’re gearing up for turkey hunting season? Nice! One important piece of clothing that you should definitely be considering is a leafy suit. These suits ​with with a camo mask are perfect for blending in with the ground during your spring time turkey shooting, giving you’re the perfect cover and camouflage to make it your best season yet.

Though a lot of the suits have the same type of patterns, there is some noticeable differences in the overall quality that each model offers. Here’s our guide to buying the best leafy suit for turkey hunting ​today.

Reviews of The Best Leafy Suit for Turkey Hunting​

Arcturus 3D Leaf Ghillie Suit

The Arcturus 3D Leaf Suit is one of the best leafy suits you’ll be able to find, and one of the most popular. It is super lightweight, weighing only 18 ounces, thanks to the sheer polyester mesh base it has been constructed on. This makes it an excellent choice for those hunters who like to move light and fast and want to remain cool all year round. And it’s low-profile and light enough to pack down into a drawstring bag for easy storage, or into your backpack for packing around the woods.

Arcturus uses a special leaf design, cutting and printing the leaves with precise, measured leaf details for a more realistic look, with a shape that helps them avoid catching on branches, rocks, etc, which traditional ghillie suits are known to do. Arcturus also claims the material is stiff enough to keep its shape and look real, the way real dry leaves do, while still swaying in the wind naturally.

With over 200 reviews on Amazon, this is one of the best-selling and best-reviewed suits out there, but there are few complaints. Such as, how thin the mesh is, which makes it susceptible to tears with heavy use, and the quality of the zippers. Some people also find it fits quite snug, especially on taller people with long arms, who might find the sleeves come up short on the wrists.

Otherwise, the Arcturus 3D Leafy Suit is a super-light, high-quality suit that will help you blend in and stay concealed without weighing you down. It comes in 4 colors – Autumn, Dark Woodland, Summer Green and Fall Forest – making it the most versatile choice you have. It’s our Top Pick for a Leafy Suit for Turkey Hunting.


  • Super light. Weighs 18 Ounces
  • Breathable, polyester mesh construction
  • Special leaf material, cut is durable, realistic
  • Reasonably Priced


  • Mesh is a bit thin; tears easily
  • Jacket/Sleeves run short

Verdict: Best Overall

QuikCamo KLOAK B3D Leafy Suit Mesh

The KLOAK 3D Leafy Suit is the most expensive on our list, but also one of the highest quality. They’ve designed it to be as easy to get in and out of as possible, with a Velcro adjustable that is quick and easy to open and close, and a comfort-fit, flex waistband. And, it’s made from a special, moisture-wicking, quick-drying fabric that will keep you cool and dry even as you start to heat up inside the suit. A mesh facemask keeps mosquitoes and other obnoxious bugs out of your face.

The KOAK 3D suit also features Scent-Bandit, an anti-microbial, odor-blocking “technology” that traps your scent inside the suit and keep animals from spotting you. It’s generally well-liked and reviewed by those who use it, finding it lightweight, easy to put on and move around in – but at the same time, super sturdy and durable.

There really isn’t much not to like about the QuikCamo KLOAK. Our only gripe would be that it is the most expensive, and you could find other options that are just as good for less.

It’s lightweight, comfortable and breathable, easy to put on and take off, and the 3D design blends well into any terrain; perfect for turkey hunting and any other hunting use you can think of. The only reason we suggest the Arcturus 3D instead of this one, is that it is significantly less expensive.


  • High Quality
  • Adjustable Velcro, comfort-fit, flex waistband
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Mesh facemask included
  • Scent-Band Odor-Blocking Technology


  • Most expensive

TNWEtory Free Size 3D

If you’d like the cheapest leafy suit possible, this is the one. It’s made from a 60% polyester, 40% mesh that is lightweight and breathable, while also staying super light – the entire suit weighs in at under a pound, which is the lightest in our round up and practically unheard of on most ghillie suits. The low-profile, slim design is apparent upon putting it on, and it has an array of features such as drawstring, zipper sliders, and even stretch cuffs.

Like the Arcturus 3D suit above, it uses a special 3D printing technique to make the leaves more life-like while prevent them from catching on to trees and branches, etc. It also comes with a waterproof travel bag for rolling it up compactly and stashing it away. The best part of the TNWEtory leafy suit, however, is the price; it’s even less expensive than the VORCOOl Camo Suit above it but just as durable.

The only major complaint hunters and other users have with this suit is that it runs on the smaller side, especially with how slim-cut it is.

But considering how inexpensive the suit is without sacrificing durability and quality, it’s still a solid choice. We recommend it as our Budget Buy for a reliable leafy hunting suit that looks good and remains light and cool.


  • Super Affordable
  • Ultralight, breathable mesh; weighs under one pound
  • Durable
  • 3D, Double-Printed Leaves are high-quality, realistic


  • Runs Small

North Mountain Gear Super Natural Camouflage

This 3D Leafy Suit from North Mountain Gear is another excellent choice at a lower price. The jacket is an ultra-soft breathable shell that is super quiet and makes little-to-no noise, and keeps you cool the whole day. It’s covered in full-cut, double-stitched leaves for a 3D camo effect.

The North Mountain Gear ghillie also comes with a smattering of pockets and other cool, useful details: two full-front slash pockets in the front that zipper open and closed, zippered pants pockets, and even knee-length zippers on the legs for opening them up to cool off and get in and out more quickly. There’s even elastic ankles to keep debris and twigs out, and elastic cuffs and waistband.

There have been some complaints about some of the “leaves” and other fabric strips falling out – a common complaint for ghillie suits like this one. There are also complaints of poor stitching on the pants that tears after only a few uses, such as in the crotch. This isn’t as much of a problem with the jacket, which isn’t subjected to the same range of motion as the pants.

If you’d like an ultra-breathable suit with lots of zippers, vents and stretch, this is a good choice for a mid-range price.


  • Mid-Range Price
  • Breathable shell
  • Elastic cuffs, waistband. Tons of pockets, zippers


  • Tends to lose leaves
  • Pant stitching can be weak, poor quality


The VORCOOL Camo Leafy Suit is a great choice for a leafy suit on a budget. It’s made from a thick polyester that holds up to heavy use, but helps keep weight down at the same time, and the entire suit weighs only one pound. The jacket features “poppers” that make getting it on and off super easy, and the pants are completely adjustable to fit almost any waist – going up to 48” wide!

There isn’t anything super crazy about the VORCOOL Camo Suit, but it’s got a great price: roughly half the price of the North Mountain Gear or the Arcturus, and even less than that compared to the QuikCamo KLOAK suit. Yet, at the same time, it’s tough and durable, and should last for plenty of use.

One common complaint among some users is that while the pants go up to 48”, the jacket runs a little bit small for larger wearers. (The shoulder is 22” and the sleeves are 28” long). You may need to try it on first and see how it fits.

But, if you want a durable camo ghillie suit without spending a lot of money, the VORCOOL is another great suit.


  • Cheap
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable pant waist


  • Jacket is a bit tight, sleeves a bit small, for taller hunters

What to Consider When Buying A Leafy Suit For Turkey Hunting


​Leafy suits can get quite heavy. Seeing as how you’re usually going to be wearing one all day, you want to opt for the lightest one you can find. If you aren’t moving much and prefer to stay camped out in one spot all day rather than changing your position, you might get away with a heavier, bulkier suit with tons of material stuffed in, weighing a possible 6 or 8 pounds. But most people just want to carry the least load possible.

Many newer leafy suits are now far lighter than traditional ghillie suits; you can find tons of options that weigh between 1-2 pounds – far less than a burlap ghillie suit of old.


​As you keep an eye on how much the leafy suit weighs, also pay attention to how breathable it is – which will have a huge impact on how comfortable you are. Choosing a thin, mesh suit that is breathable, well-ventilated and moisture-wicking will help you stay cool and keep from getting overheated when moving around in a suit all day. Many higher-end suits even have a thin, soft-shell material that helps create a balance between warmth and cool breathability, no matter the time of year.


Leafs on Ground in Autumn

What kind of terrain do you plan on using your leafy suit in? Will it be grasslands, green forests, or rocky areas? Most leafy suits come in a single color designed to blend in with green foliage and brown ground and twigs, but some come in lighter tan colors for use in dry and dusty terrain, too. Texture is also important; the point of a leafy suit is to create a 3D appearance that breaks up the wearer’s outline to help them blend in better with the terrain. If the leafy suit is too flat or too bushy, it can give you away; you don’t want to look like any particular object or vegetation.

And what about if you’re hunting in winter? You might want to opt for a white ghillie suit specially designed for use in the snow; these can sometimes be the most effective of all. (We don’t review any on our list, but they’re out there).

And remember that customizing your ghillie suit to blend in with the terrain around you is also important; placing twigs, leaves and branches in the netting to match your surroundings can make your ​outfit much more effective.

Hood Design

This one might seem unsubstantial, but it’s important; if you’re more of a camper, you can get away with a larger, heavier hood. But if you move around fast and frequently, you’ll likely want a smaller and lighter one; some hoods come attached to the leafy suit, while others are separate pieces or cowls that come on and off completely.


Ideally, you can pick a leafy suit with a fire-retardant coating or material. While the chance of it catching on fire out in the woods is pretty slim, it’s important to know you’re not a walking fire hazard.

Final Thoughts

We like the Arcturus 3D Leafy Suit and recommend it as our Top Pick for the best Leafy Suit for Turkey Hunting. It’s high-quality, reliable and built to last, while staying light and breathable. You can choose from 4 different colors and camos to suit your environment. Overall, just an excellent, quality leafy suit that will get the job done.

Our choice for a Budget Buy is the TWENtory Free Size 3D suit, which costs about a third of the price as the Arcturus but is almost as good. As it weighs less than a pound, you’ll stay cool and comfortable all day long and without being weighed down by unnecessary weight.