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Best Snake Boots for Turkey Hunting (2021 Reviews)

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Best Snake Boots for Turkey Hunting

If you want to keep your feet dry and warm for the rest of your turkey hunting trip, then it all starts with the style footwear you choose. A good pair of ​snake boots is the ideal type of footwear for hunting in the woods or field as they allow you the freedom to step in water, mud or even snow if you need to without the worry of ruining your footwear or making your feet uncomfortable. One thing that can ruin a hunt completely is having to sit around all cold and wet in your stand due to poor clothing or footwear choices.

​Hunters very commonly use snake or rubber boots as they are suitable for wearing when hunting deer, elk, duck, pheasant or turkey. They’re a great option if you want something waterproof and insulated that will give you the protection you need up to around your knees, if you need further protection and would prefer an all-in-one style protector, then maybe a bib is the right choice for you instead.

​Snake boots are not as cheap as a standard pair of shoes, so you need to be sure that you’re investing in a real quality pair. We’ve removed the guessing work by going ahead and listing the 5 ​best snake boots for turkey hunting to buy on the market today. So let’s dive into our reviews and find you the right pair!

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table

​Reviews of the ​Best Snake Boots for Turkey Hunting

​​LaCrosse Men's Venom Scent APG HD Snake Boot

These are serious boots for serious hunters. Standing 16” tall, the LaCrosse Venom Scent offer fantastic protection against snakes, with a 100% Full-Grain Leather and 1000-Denier nylon upper build paired with a rubber sole. That’s some real durability and protection from some very thick materials. There is also a 100% waterproof liner underneath, called Scent Dry, which blocks your scent to avoid alerting wildlife to your presence in the woods.

There are some extra features here for extra protection, including Snake Guard, an additional layer of protection between the liner and outer layer, all over the boot, that repels snake bites and fangs. There’s a steel shank; the Low Country outsole is light, quiet yet durable; and the Realtree APG camo pattern keeps you concealed in the brush from turkeys and other animals.

A few things to keep in mind: these boots run small, and you might find yourself wishing for a size or two larger than normal; the quality control and build can sometimes be a bit lacking; and, some people have reported the steel shank coming loose from the rest of the material, and the zipper breaks easily.

However, for the price, these are still a good pair of snake-proof boots – waterproof, breathable, and extremely thick and protective.


  • Full-grain leather, Cordura upper is tough, thick, protective
  • Scent Dry waterproof, scent-proof lining
  • Low Country Outsole is quiet yet firm
  • Snake Guard lining adds extra protection
  • 16” Tall


  • Run small
  • Zipper version is poor quality

LaCrosse Men’s AlphaBurly 18”

If you’re looking for the best in waterproofness and light weight from your boots, and leather plus fabric won’t do the trick, look at the AlphaBurly from LaCrosse. These boots stand 18” high, made from hand-laid premium rubber with a neoprene lining; these combine to make a fully waterproof boot that keeps water out while providing rock-solid protection against snake bites. They’re lined with a jersey knit liner that is moisture-wicking and breathable, to keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable even during heavy exertion.

A cool feature the AlphaBurly’s rock is the Neoprene gusset in the back. This helps it accommodate different calf sizes comfortably and makes it easy to slide the boot on and off; there’s a buckle and strap for tightening the boots to your leg size.

The LaCrosse AlphaBurly are some of the most popular hunting boots out there, but there are a few complaints commonly heard; first is quality control. It’s not unheard of for two boots in the same package to be slightly off in size, making it difficult to fit them properly and find a good pair. They often wear out relatively quickly for a boot of this quality, too, especially in the heel and sole. Many people find them heavy and not very breathable.

If you’d like a pair of totally-waterproof, comfortable, protective rubber boots, these get the job done – though they may not hold up as long as you’d like them to.


  • ​​Hand-laid rubber outer, neoprene lining; thick, snakeproof, durable
  • Waterproof
  • Jersey knit liner is moisture-wicking, comfortable
  • Gusset in back for fitting large legs


  • ​​Rubber outer not very breathable
  • Tend to wear out quickly

Rocky Waterproof Snakeproof Hunting​

These waterproof, snakeproof hunting boots are a lot like the LaCrosse Venom. They’re 18” tall, feature a full-grain leather and nylon upper for extreme guarding against snake bites and fangs. They also feature a Rocky waterproof inner layer to keep water out. If you need protection from all elements and dangers, these are the boots you’re looking for.

The soles on these boots are polyurethane and rubber, which provides the best combo of durability, grip and waterproofness. And they come in 7 different camouflage patterns for use in virtually any environment.

Main complaints of the Rocky ProLight boots include poor quality control and fit on a lot of models; they fit badly in the heel where they tend to dig in. They’re also a bit heavy, many hunters complain, and don’t breathe well.

Otherwise, if you need heavy-duty protection, like those offered by the LaCrosse Venom, but want to spend a bit less, the Rocky Snakeproof Waterproof 18” will do well. The traction and grip offered by the synthetic sole is also great and gets high marks from reviewers.


  • 18” tall
  • Full-grain leather, nylon upper for extreme protection
  • Rocky Waterproof lining
  • Available in a variety of camo patterns
  • Excellent grip and traction​​


  • Poor quality control
  • Heel digs in, does not fit ​great
  • Heavy, don’t breathe well

Guide Gear Men’s Leather Snake Boots

Another excellent choice for durable and protective boots – especially when you don’t have a lot to spend – the Guide Gear Leather Snake Boots are tall and heavy-duty, clocking in at 16” tall. They’re made from a combination of Buffalo leather and 900D nylon, with a 100% waterproof Guide Dry lining and Snake Guard fabric underneath – just like the snakeproof lining found on the LaCrosse Venom boots. This 3-layer build means they are impervious to both snake bites and water, and will keep your feet dry and comfortable always.

Inside is a mesh lining for breathability and comfort. On the side is a YKK zipper with gusset for easy on/off, and there is a removable cushion insole inside for extra comfort. Overall, we like the comfort and protection these boots offer, at a still reasonable weight of less than 5 pounds a pair.

Complaints are generally focused on the fit and the time it takes to break the boots in; they’re stiff and uncomfortable at first until you’ve broken them in, and a lot of wearers found it hard to get a good fit.

Otherwise, the Guide Gear Leather Snake Boots are quality footwear with hefty protection from snake bites and from moisture, available at a good price. Our pick for a Budget Buy option.

Verdict: Top Budget Pick


  • ​​​Buffalo leather, 900D nylon upper for superb protection
  • Waterproof Guide Dry lining
  • Snake Gaur fabric layer for added protection
  • YKK side zipper for easy on/off
  • Under 5 pounds per pair


  • ​Stiff, uncomfortable on heels
  • Not breathable enough for active use

Muck Boots Pursuit

If you’re more into rubber boots than their leather/fabric counterparts, the Muck Boots Pursuit are, again, an excellent choice. The Pursuit are built from a one-piece rubber upper, paired with a rubber sole. A 4mm thick neoprene liner inside the boots add some flexibility and comfort, and the two layers combine for a waterproof, durable and comfortable build, as well as for total puncture-resistance and protection against snake bites.

Inside is an anti-microbial XpressCool fabric lining, which helps wick moisture away from your feet, keeping them cool and dry in all weather and activity levels; Muck Boots says from 40F to 95F. Another layer, called SockLiner, also helps reduce friction and heat build-up during high-output activity. The rubber sole is lightweight, yet durable, offering the right amount of traction for slippery, muddy and uneven surfaces.

Problems are mostly with fit; some people have reported that they are too tight to fit comfortably around particularly large calves and legs, which can be a problem considering how high they go (17” tall). They can be hard to get on and off and can lead to chafing over a long day out turkey hunting.

For the price, we feel there are better options for rubber snakeproof boots, like the AlphaBurly, which are more comfortable; they also come in more colors and camo pattern than the Muck Boots Pursuit – though these are still a good pair of boots if you feel they’ll be a better fit.


  • ​Thick rubber upper
  • Neoprene liner
  • Anti-microbial fabric liner for moisture-wicking
  • 17” tall
  • Good sole


  • ​​​​Can be tight for large legs
  • Chafing in heels, toes
  • Hard to get on and off

​​​​​​What Makes A Good Pair of ​Turkey Hunting Snake Boots?


An effective pair of snake boots need to be tall, in order to really protect against snakebites, as well as in case of wading through water and all kinds of muck and mud. Most snake boots will clock in at 16” tall, but you can make do with 12-18”.


The material your boots are made of will have a huge impact on their effectiveness and durability, as well as how much they weigh and how comfortable they are to wear. Many boots are made of leather, which is great at blocking out snakebites but is also heavy and becomes easily waterlogged. Synthetic and mesh are lighter and more comfortable, but don’t offer as much protection against snakebites, unless specifically abrasion-resistant. Rubber is good too – and waterproof.


Shoes in the Heat of the Sun

​As with height, this will have a huge impact on how comfortable and effective these are in rough conditions. Waterproof boots will be a bit heavier and less breathable but will let you hunt and trek through all manners of swamps, rivers and muddy ditches without worry or discomfort. Definitely worth the extra money for dedicated duck hunting.

Warmth and Insulation

Depending on what you hunt, your specific hunting season may come at the end of the year during autumn or winter, if this is the case, then you want a boot that has sufficient enough insulation to keep your feet warm and cozy. One thing to take into consideration though is that if the rubber boots are heavily insulated, then they can sometimes lack the airflow needed to stop your feet from sweating. Therefore, consider the weather that you’ll typically be hunting in and if you feel that the weather is too hot to wear an insulated pair and would like something more breathable, then try an uninsulated pair instead for more air flow.

The Final Word

Our Top Pick for a pair of Snake Boots for Hunting are the LaCrosse Venom Scent boots. These offer the best combination of durability, protection, and waterproofness, standing 18” tall, with a full-grain leather and nylon Cordura upper. The Snake Guard fabric liner adds another layer of protection against snakebites, while the Scent Dry waterproof layer means your feet will be dry and comfortable in all elements – and ensures wildlife won’t be able to pick up your scent. They’re also pretty comfortable.

If you prefer the one-piece construction and sheer waterproofness of rubber boots, on the other hand, you might like the LaCrosse AlphaBurly 18”. These rubber boots use a thick, hand-laid rubber construction with a neoprene liner, creating a durable boot that protects against snake bites and water. The jersey knit liner keeps them soft and breathable, and the neoprene gusset in the back means they fit any size leg.

Whichever pair you decide to go with, you’ll soon be hunting and hiking in the great outdoors without worrying about the danger of looming snakebites. Happy hunting!