Best Shotgun Case for Duck Hunting Reviews of 2018

Best Shotgun Case for Duck Hunting Reviews

Ready to show off that shiny new waterfowl shotgun you have for the new season? We bet that it looks real nice, though you better have some protection for it due to some of the harsh conditions that duck hunting brings. When duck hunting, you may have to spend your entire day wading, standing or sitting around in the water. If you are in the water for extended periods either in one location or, traveling to different spots, then the risk of dropping your shotgun in the water is real.

​You ​may be tempted to buy a floating blind bag, but unfortunately, that's not big enough ​if you want to hold​ a shotgun. A specially designed camouflage case is, however, an excellent solution for keeping ​your waterfowl shotgun dry and safe. These cases are typically waterproof and designed to float if they are dropped in the water, giving you the ultimate peace of mind that your shotgun won’t end up at the bottom!

If you are looking for the perfect choice, then check out our reviews of the best shotgun cases for duck hunting in 2018 below.

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table

Reviews of The Best Shotgun Cases for Duck Hunting of 2018

#1. Plano Gun Guard 800 Series

Plano Gun Guard 800 Series

This 800 Series case from Plano is made from a 600D shell and high-density, closed-cell foam padding that is water-resistant, and not only good at absorbing impact, but also designed to provide some buoyancy should your rifle somehow fall into a lake or stream.

It has a heavy-duty Velcro strap that keeps it securely closed, and an adjustable shoulder strap for slinging over your shoulder. 

Word of warning: The Gun Guard 800 is water-resistant, but not waterproof. It will help your rifle float if dropped into water but will not keep protect it entirely from any water getting. It is also too narrow to fit a scope on top of a rifle.

Overall, it’s a durable and high-quality gun case that adds some protection to your rifle and will keep it from getting wrecked if it falls into water.


  • 600D shell. Durable
  • Closed-cell foam padding
  • Water-resistant
  • Floats


  • Not waterproof

#2. ​Allen Waterfowl Punisher

​Allen Waterfowl Punisher

The Punisher Case from Allen is 52” long and fits just about any shotgun or rifle. It’s made from a Realtree MAX-5 Camo fabric and a heavy-duty dual density foam, that protects and pads your gun from knocks and impacts. It’s fully lockable, and there’s an adjustable shoulder strap for carrying it in and out of the field.

The front main pocket has two rows of elastic straps to keep your gun secure, and a stretchy pocket for stashing gear. The three exterior pockets and storage flaps add some extra storage, and the rear pocket is designed for duck calls. The zippers are all oversized, to make grabbing with gloves on easier.

A few complaints; the double strap + Velcro design can make it difficult to access the pockets and is a bit unnecessary. And the case is a bit bulky; there’s tons of padding, but almost too much, and it could maybe be better served to cut down on some of it.

But overall, this is a high-quality shotgun case with tons of storage and plenty of padding to protect your gun.


  • Super padded
  • Lockable
  • Tons of storage, pockets
  • Oversized zippers


  • Velcro + Zipper Configuration is overkill
  • Somewhat bulky

#3. ​Mossy Oak Reelfoot Floating Shotgun Case

Mossy Oak Reelfoot Floating Shotgun Case

Another floating shotgun case, this time from Mossy Oak. 52” long, it will fit most shotguns, and is made from a lightweight Endura 600D shell. Pair that with the 3/8” thick flotation foam, and it will keep your gun afloat should it take a dip in the river.

Like the Plano Gun Guard above, it keeps your shotgun secure, thanks to a full-length zipper paired with Velcro closure, and heavy-duty buckle on the end.

But again, bear in mind that is not a waterproof case so much as a water-resistant case, and you can’t expect your gun to come out completely dry. It also doesn’t fit scopes, like the Plano Gun Guard above it.

If it were entirely waterproof, we’d recommend this as one of our favorite floating shotgun cases. In the meantime, it’s a decent case that is cheap and durable. What else could you ask for?


  • Endura 600D shell
  • 3/8” thick flotation foam
  • Water-resistant
  • Full-length zipper


  • Not entirely waterproof
  • Doesn’t fit scopes

#4. ​Floating Shotgun Case, Realtree MAX-5, 52"

Floating Shotgun Case, Realtree MAX-5, 52"

This Allen Company Shotgun case is a lot like the one above, but at half the price. It’s made from an Endura fabric, two-ply construction that is water-resistant, and lined with a heavy-duty floating foam to help keep your rifle afloat. The exterior is MAX-5 Realtree Camo, and it closes with a rugged Velcro hook-and-loop closure that keeps your rifle firmly seated, safe and sound.

So what sets this one apart from the others? It’s half the price, making it a very affordable option for a floating gun case. And it’s super easy to use; all you have to do is slip the gun in and Velcro it shut.

As usual, this case is not entirely waterproof - merely water-resistant. And unfortunately, it’s quality is not as good as it could be; some of the seams split with use, and some of the inside fabric tears. This might be expected for a gun case of this quality, but it is somewhat frustrating.

In the end, however, this makes a great choice for an inexpensive, floating gun case that will protect your rifle and keep it safe, no matter what.


  • Water-resistant
  • Cheap
  • Easy to use. Slide rifle in, Velcro shut


  • Not the highest-quality or most rugged
  • Not Waterproof

#5. ​Banded, Impact Floating Gun Shotgun Case

Banded, Impact Floating Gun Shotgun Case

Another budget option. This floating shotgun case from Banded is made from a heavy-duty 900D fabric that is lined with a non-absorbing, closed-cell foam to provide flotation and protection. It fits rifles up to 54” long and has a very easy in-out due to the buckle closure.

Unlike other floating cases, however, this one has an inner liner of 210-denier, PVC-coated polyester, adding an extra layer of waterproofing. This makes it a better choice for keeping water out then other cases and boosts this case’s rating a bit.

With that said, it is a cheaper case, and the quality and craftsmanship aren’t quite up to par. The stitching comes loose easily, and the fabric inside tears easily. Lack of durability always knocks a case down in our eyes a bit and makes it harder to recommend.

Still, this one is on the lower end of things pricewise and has a PVC-coated liner for additional waterproofing. No, it’s not the nicest, nor is it entirely waterproof. But it is a decent pick on a budget if you’d like that extra layer of water-resistance.


  • PVC-lined layer keeps water out
  • Heavy-duty 900D fabric
  • Floating foam


  • Poor stitching. Inside fabric tears
  • Not as Durable

What To Look For in A Waterfowl Hunting Shotgun Case

There are a few questions to ask about your potential shotgun case when shopping around:

Is It Waterproof?

Duck Hunting usually involves a lot of water, and you should be looking for a shotgun case that is at least water-resistant, if not entirely waterproof – in case it takes some accidental spills. Most cases are not entirely waterproof but will provide enough resistance to keep your gun dry for a few minutes as you fish it out. If the case has PVC or similar lining to add even more water-resistance, it’s worth checking out.

Does it Float?

In the same vein as waterproofness, is the case capable of floating should it fall into a stream or pond? Most floating shotgun cases will, indeed have some kind of open or closed-cell foam lining the interior of the case, providing buoyancy and helping it stay afloat of dropped in. Combine that with some water-resistance, and your rifle should be good hands in case of any accidental spills.

Does It Fit A Scope?

Often, you will have some kind of scope or optics attached to your shotgun or hunting rifle. Having a case wide enough to fit that scope without having to take it off, can be very convenient, allowing you to slide it in and out without disassembling.

​Is it Easy To Use?

The best shotgun cases are dead simple to operate: simply open the flap on the end of the case, slide the shotgun or rifle in, and Velcro or buckle it shut. That’s all it takes. Others will have full-length zippers that let the entire case fold open flat, letting you fit more gear in there, but requiring another minute or two of effort in the field.

Final Thoughts

Our recommended Top Pick for a floating gun case is the Plano Gun Guard 800, which provides the best combination of water-resistance, ease-of-use, quality and padding, and will keep your rifle safe, protected and afloat in almost any situation. Our only real gripe with it is that it is narrow, and won’t fit wider guns or those with scopes, for example.

If you’d like a cheaper option, the Mossy Oak Reelfoot is another great choice; it’s fully floatable, comparably durable, and water-resistant - but a little bit cheaper. A great case that lets you slide your gun in and out quite easily.

All these cases are excellent choices and will help you keep your safe, dry and protected. Grab one for yourself and get out on the next hunt with some extra peace of mind.


Hunting is something that has been a big part of my family history for generations. Typically every spare weekend I have is spent outdoors either hunting or doing something else adventure related. This site uses my years of knowledge in the field to hopefully help improve the hunting experience of others.

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