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Best Waterfowl Hunting Blind Bag Reviews of 2021

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Best Waterfowl Hunting Blind Bag Reviews

Carrying ​all your waterfowl hunting gear around from spot-to-spot can be an absolute chore ​for any hunter. Even if your duck hunting gear isn't that heavy ​to carry, if you have a lot of equipment ​then storing it all and ​​organizing it can be a nightmare. ​Instead of having your gear scattered everywhere and unorganized, why not just have it all in one, ​easy to carry place?

You've got a case for your shotgun, but what about the rest of your gear? That's where a ​waterfowl hunting blind bag comes in. You may be out in the water for long periods ​of time, therefore ensuring that your gear is safe and hidden away is a must. Typically your blind bags have many different compartments to them and can come with ​varying patterns of camo.

​There are also different types ​such as floating blind bags, backpack style or even shoulder strap type carriers. ​With every make and model having different sized compartments and space in it, how do you know which model is right for holding all your duck hunting gear?

Not to worry as we've listed the top ​carriers on the market today for waterfowl hunting, including all the key features that you should take into consideration before ​making a ​decision.

Let's dive into our reviews of the best waterfowl hunting blind bags below ​and find you the ​pick you're after!

​Top 5 Rated Model Comparison Table

Reviews of the Best Waterfowl Hunting Blind Bags

ALPS Delta Blind Bag

This outdoor blind bag from ALPS is a fantastic, lightweight, all-in-one bag for duck hunting and shooting. With a hard bottom construction that adds some rigidity - and extra storage, by opening up to an ​additional storage compartment -  the bag actually stands upright, making accessing pockets and grabbing items out easy. The large front compartment has shell loops for your ammo, as well as a drop-down gun boot, which lets you securely take your rifle to and from the hunting blind on your back. There is also a removable LED light, with a swivel clip for quick adjustability, as well as game totes on the shoulder straps, which can be stowed away when you’re not using them.

This bag also features an aluminum stay in the center panel of the back, which provides rigidity, shape, and support, keeping it close to your back as you hike in and out of the woods to the blind. The RealTree camo print makes it blend in nicely with the rest of your hunting gear. For the price this bag is available, it’s an excellent way to transport all your equipment to and from your duck hunting spots.


  • ​LED light
  • Hard-bottom construction
  • Aluminum stay for rigidity, strength, support


  • ​Most expensive
  • Does not float

Overall our #1 pick for waterfowl hunters


The Alps Outdoor Deluxe Blind Bag is very similar to the Backpack Blind Bag. But instead of a traditional backpack design, it instead takes on the form of a shoulder ​carry, with a shoulder strap and grab handles on top for grabbing and going. The outside is covered in pockets, providing tons of storage for your gear and ammo. The top has a thermos for your mug, as well as a jacket sleeve, and there is even a sunglass case with a hard outer shell, so your favorite frames do not get crushed or broken. Internal dividers are attached via Velcro, and you add or remove them as you see fit. 

The bag is made from a non-absorbing, closed cell foam, which keeps water out and protects your gear from leaks and rain. In fact, it is made to float, and if you were to ​​drop it into a river or stream accidentally, you wouldn’t lose it to the bottom. Like it’s bigger backpack cousin, it has a removable LED Light with a swivel clip to help you dig through and find your gear in the dark. A slip ring game tote, ammo belt, wader shell clip and hand warmer are all included. 

If you’re looking for a less-expensive bag that you can throw over the shoulder, and don’t need a backpack, then this is the best floating blind bag for the money.


  • ​Non-absorbing foam floats, keeping water out
  • Shoulder bag design
  • Tons of storage
  • Lots of useful stuff included


  • Can’t wear it like a backpack


The Mossy Oak Drawdown Timber Bag is a durable, portable little carry pack at a fantastic price. It features a molded, water-resistant base, which gives it some shape and helps it stand up, as well as some durability, and keeps water from seeping through the bottom, should you set it down on something wet – like the morning dew on the grass. The large main compartment on the bag contains a waterproof zipper, while the heavy-duty, oversized zippers make opening and closing it a breeze. Inside the bag is a fleece-lined pocket, which can be used to store all your valuables and expensive items, such as cellphone, wallet or sunglasses. And, it’s waterproof, so you know your phone is safe. There’s also an internal choke tube holder, for keeping your rifle clean and ready to go.

The DrawDown Timber Bag is an excellent value; it’s not the most expensive or premium bag on our list, but provides some excellent quality and value for the money. Hunters who have reviewed it find it very durable, easy to throw off and on, and the perfect size for a day in the water.


  • Affordable
  • Waterproof, fleece-lined valuables pocket
  • Molded, water-resistant base for shape and waterproofness


  • Not as much storage as other models
  • Can't float


The Floating Blind Bag from Delta Waterfowl was made to keep your stuff safe and dry. It’s constructed from non-absorbing closed cell foam, and the main compartment is sealed with a waterproof membrane; you can drop this thing into a stream, accidentally, and it will merely float up instead of becoming waterlogged and sinking. And of course, should it rain, your gear and equipment will still be safe and sound inside.

On the outside are two side pockets, one front pocket, and inside is a divider, which can be customized or removed as you like. You’ve got plenty of storage. The top of the bag has a carry handle and a padded shoulder strap, so you can grab it with one hand or throw it over your shoulder as you see fit.

To top it off, the Floating Blind Bag is extremely affordable; it’s one of the cheapest options on our list ​of blind carriers, and when you consider how much storage space it offers and how waterproof it is, you’re getting a really good deal.


  • ​Waterproof membrane
  • Non-absorbing, closed cell foam
  • Floating design
  • Lots of storage
  • Affordable


  • Cannot be worn like a backpack

Banded Air II Floating 900D Fabric Realtree Max-5 Camo

The Banded Air II Floating Blind Bag is a smaller, even cheaper alternative to the Floating Blind Bag​. The design is inspired by traditional military bags, but made to be more modern, lightweight and durable. The hardware – buckles, rivets, grommets – are all made of high-quality, durable metal, and the bag itself is made from a heavy-duty, 900D nylon fabric. At 14x8x8 inches, there’s just under 12 liters of space – enough for a day hunt, but not too bulky or large. There’s a zipper side pouch, protected inner storage area with zippered cover to keep things tight and dry, and an inner mesh quick-dry storage compartment, in case things get wet. On the top is a carry handle and a padded shoulder strap for carrying ​across the water.

The bottom is padded for extra protection and durability, and the bag itself is made from non-absorbing, closed cell foam. It is not, technically, waterproof, but the non-absorbing material is light enough to float on water, and does not let water seep through the bottom of the bag. And for the price it’s available at, the Banded Air II is a reasonable deal.


  • ​Durable, high-quality, construction
  • 900D nylon fabric
  • Tons of storage
  • Non-absorbing material floats on water


  • ​Only 12 liters of storage
  • Shoulder strap only

​​What ​To Look for In A ​​Blind Bag for Waterfowl

​You're probably looking for a blind bag for your waterfowl hunting, here are some of the ​essential qualities and features that you need to consider before purchasing one for your duck hunts.


Is it a backpack or shoulder strap style you're after? This can all depend on how much space and compartments you need in a carrier. A backpack can be easier to transport, though it might not have as much room or compartments as a shoulder strap model.


​Is your chosen model ​adequate enough to store all your waterfowl equipment ​or even some important clothing? As mentioned above, the amount of compartments and space that a bag has depends on the type of bag. Most shoulder strap style models have lots of different compartments for stuff such as ammo, glasses, water bottles and even choke tubes.



Even although duck hunting involves being out in the water a lot setting decoy spreads, rigs, etc., some models are simply not designed to float in the water. We have listed above what bags are able to float, and what ones don't. Some hunters love the idea of having all their equipment floating in a nice ​camouflage carry next to them, while some people prefer to have it attached to them 24/7. Decide on ​whether ​​it's a feature that's needed for your style of duck hunting.


A big one. You want to ensure that if a downpour of rain occurs, your bag isn't going to get soaking wet right through, and your gear for the day get ruined. Also, if you've opted for a floating style bag, then it obviously should be waterproof. Be aware though, as some models that are labeled as waterproof ducking hunting blind bags, may not be able to float, they are two ​completely different things.​

Advantages of Using a Good ​Camo Bag for ​Duck Hunting​

Hunting waterfowl requires a whole lot of gear and equipment which is essential for a decent hunt. The blind bag provides a duck hunter with a convenient way to store all the small pieces of equipment which are ​critical ​to the hunt.

Ammunition, calls, hats, gloves and everything in between, they are all smaller pieces of equipment which are very easy to lose while out on the water. Forgetting pieces of equipment when you head out on the hunt is both frustrating and embarrassing, and having a blind bag can help stop this from happening.

Here are a few key advantages of using a blind bag for waterfowl hunting –

  • Blind bags provide convenience - As we have just said, blind bags ​offer a convenient place for you to store all your smaller pieces of equipment. If you forget your ammunition, for example, you’re going to have to turn right around and go back home to collect it. By having a pre-packed blind bag, you can just get up and go whenever you’re ready, without having to worry about forgetting anything.
  • They are portable and lightweight - Blind bags are purposely designed to be lightweight, easy to use and ​maneuverable; they are superior to using a standard rucksack. With a blind bag, you have easy access to all of your key equipment which is stowed away in a bag which won’t weigh you down, make it hard to move or exaggerate your size.
  • They are designed for hunting - Blind bags are durable, waterproof and camouflaged. The importance of durability and waterproofing are obvious – you don’t want something which is going to break easily as it gets roughed around, or fill up with water and ruin your equipment – but the importance of camouflage is not so much.

Ducks and other waterfowl are ​intelligent animals, they know their territory, and they know when something is up. By having a camouflaged bag, you reduce the chance of spooking waterfowl and ruining your hunt.


Having one place to keep all your waterfowl equipment ​and staying organized is as important as the tactics you use. The reality is that you may be wading in the water for long periods, so peace of mind that your stuff is protected should be a priority. Also, the weather can change at any moment, so being able to pack up all your stuff quickly and throw it in a suitable bag is the key.

​We hope that our reviews have opened your eyes to the hunting blind bag market, and have highlighted the important stuff that you should take into account before buying one. Some of these bags that are listed can be expensive, but we have ensured that they are top ​carriers around, so look at them as an investment if you're serious about your duck hunting.

​If you're still confused as to which model is a good fit for you, then take your time and start at the top of our best blind bag for waterfowl hunting​ ​article again, and have another read.

​Now, go get those waterfowl!