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Best Waterproof Duck Hunting Jacket Reviews of 2019

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Best Waterproof Duck Hunting Jacket Reviews

Looking to add a waterproof duck hunting jacket to your hunting kit? Also known as a waterfowl jacket, these jackets are ​absolute necessities when duck hunting, keeping you protected from the cold, harsh elements as well as staying invisible to the birds you’re hunting.

Because of the nature of ​waterfowl hunting ​which can include being out in the water for ​extended periods setting up decoys and the likes, ​along with keeping your hands warm, it is vital that the jacket you purchase is fully waterproof. The last thing you need is to go out in the water ​to set up your duck decoys only to find yourself soaked right through for the rest of the day; it just makes your hunt much less enjoyable. They’ll also need to withstand mud, rain and maybe even freezing temperatures, ​ensuring you come out the other side clean, warm and dry.​

Now you know why a waterproof jack is essential for your duck hunting, how do you know which jacket to buy? Don't worry, to make things easier for you, we’ve gone ahead and rounded up the 5 best waterproof duck hunting jackets for you, so you can get one packed away in your bag for the next big trip!

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table

Reviews of the Best Waterproof Duck Hunting Jackets​

Wildfowler Outfitter Parka

This waterproof, insulated parka from Wildfowler is one heavy-duty duck hunting jacket. It’s 100% waterproof, with taped seams to keep the water out, button-down storm flaps and a high-cut storm collar to keep the elements out. In fact, every little detail is made to keep the elements out: There’s an elastic drawcord on the hood and waist; Velcro on the cuffs and pouch pockets with side hand warmer.

The outer shell is made of soft tricot, that keeps the wind out, is quiet and doesn’t make any noise when out in the woods. It has a polar fleece lining which adds serious warmth, and when paired with the tricot exterior, allows the jacket to be breathable and comfy.

This jacket is big, burly and warm, and guaranteed to keep you cozy and dry. Hunters are generally very fond of it, saying it keeps them warm in all kinds of weather, and despite its bulkiness, find it easy to move around in, and much quieter than Gore-tex and other waterproof synthetics. It comes in Wildgrass, Wildtree Snow, and Mossy Oak, for whatever terrain you hunt in, so when the weather gets cold, reach for this bad boy.

Verdict: Our #1 Choice


  • Super warm and thick; good for cold, winter temperatures
  • Waterproof; designed to keep the elements out
  • Tricot shell is flexible, quiet
  • Comes in Wildtree Snow pattern for winter hunting


  • A bit big and thick; can be cumbersome
  • Velcro pockets hard to use with thick gloves

Sitka Gear Duck Oven

When it comes to hunting gear, Sitka Gear knows what they are doing. The Duck Oven is a super-warm jacket for crisp and cold days, without all the bulk that the Wildfowler Parka has. It does this with a 200 g/m2 PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation, mated with 133 g/m2 Primaloft® Silver insulation in the sleeves, and WINDSTOPPER® laminate. This keeps the wind out, the warmth in, and the arms and sleeves super flexible. The bottom half of the jacket even has a stretchy Gradient fabric, which makes tucking it into waders super easy.

Sitka designed the Duck Oven to be worn either as a mid-layer or an outer layer and infused some details to help with this. There’s a high neck collar to trap heat in, and thumb loops to help keep your hands warm when wearing thin gloves, or none at all. There’s also ample storage; the chest pocket lets you stash gloves and gear, the chest pockets are made to be accessible when wearing waders, and the lower pockets let you stick in your hands when they get cold.

Overall, the Duck Oven is one super comfy, stretchy, flexible jacket, that will keep you warm in chilly temperatures and fits under outer layers for freezing days. It comes in both Waterfowl Marsh and Waterfowl Timber. Our only downside is that it is somewhat ​pricey, especially compared to some of the other jackets on our list. But if you’re looking to invest, it’s worth every penny.


  • Super warm, Primaloft insulation
  • Windstopper Laminate
  • Stretchy, Gradient Fabric for tucking into waders
  • Lots of pockets and storage


  • Expensive

Drake MST Eqwader

Drake made the Eqwader jacket (nice name) to solve a common problem: waders tend to be extremely not-breathable, causing the unfortunate person wearing them (you) to be extremely hot and sweaty, even in freezing cold weather. So, they came up with a solution: a combination of waterproof/breathable fabric on the sleeves and upper body, called Hypershield Technology, paired with an ultra-breathable fleece on the lower body, called Refuge. The Refuge is actually 15 times more breathable than the waterproof material on the chest. It’s not waterproof but is meant to be tucked into your waders.

The result is introduced a whole new level of comfort when wading, letting you actually breathe and remain comfortable at all times, while keeping the cold water on the outside. And the less sweat that builds up, the warmer you will be when the weather turns cold. All the trimmings are there, too: taped seams, neoprene cuffs, a Magnattach pocket, zippered slash pockets.

Overall, Eqwader is a heavy-duty jacket, built to last, warm, breathable and comfortable. It does a great job ​of keeping water and wind out. It’s not as slim as the Sitka Duck Oven but is without all the bulk of the Waterfowl Parka. The only downside to the design is that since the bottom half is not waterproof, you need to pair it with waders. Without them, water can get through the breathable fabric, making it a bit less versatile than other jackets.


  • Dual-fabric design is super breathable and comfy
  • Warm and insulated; keeps wind out
  • Not too bulky, good for moving around


  • Bottom half is not waterproof, as it is meant to be tucked into waders.

Drake LST 4-in-1

The LST 4-in-1 is another heavy-duty wader coat, built to keep the warmth in and the elements out. The outer shell is made from the same 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable HyperShield™ 2.0 technology that the Eqwader features on its upper half. But this time, it’s all over and is reinforced with 300-denier polyester on high-stress points, such as pocket openings, across the back, and under the arms, so you never tear anything.

There’s an adjustable zip-off hood that keeps the elements out, but comes off when you don’t need it, as well as an extended stand-up collar. The handwarmer pockets are placed on the chest, which keeps them above any deep water you may wade in. Some people do complain this feature is a little awkward, however. There are 4 zip storage pockets, an oversized rear pocket for extra gloves or any other large items.

And as this is 4 jackets in one, you can wear it as a shell and a liner, a shell alone, the liner alone, or reverse the camo liner to a solid brown, and wear it as that. Versatile and easy. It comes in Max-5, Shadowbrand, and Shadowgrass blades patterns.


  • Waterproof, windproof, breathable Hypershield 2.0 fabric
  • Reinforced stress points for durability
  • Removable hood, stand-up collar, lots of storage
  • Can be worn 4 different ways for versatility


  • High, deep-water pockets are a little awkward
  • Sleeve cuffs not as waterproof as could be

Coleman Fleece-Lined Pullover

This fleece-lined pullover from Coleman is similar to the Drake Eqwader, with a split-top design where the top half is warm and waterproof while the bottom is breathable and can be tucked into your waders. It’s made from a 100% polyester brushed tricot shell and lined with a windproof 100% nylon liner to protect from the elements. The bottom half has a 380 Gram Brushed Polyester Fleece.

For storage, this pullover has a Napoleon pocket, and a kangaroo pocket at the waist, that zip close. These work well for when you’re wading and need to keep your stuff dry. There is a locking bungee cord at waist to seal out water, and the cuffs are elastic with Velcro straps.

Despite having a similar design to the Eqwader, the Coleman pullover is not nearly as thick, warm and waterproof. It’s a good, affordable option for a windproof outer layer, but does not provide the sheer amount of warmth and durability the Drake does. It also tends to run short, so if you’re tall but not particularly broad, it may be hard to fit. But some of that is to be expected when a jacket is this affordable and inexpensive. If you’re on a tight budget, it’ll get the job done, and a lot more.


  • Split design; warm and waterproof up top, breathable and flexible below
  • Kangaroo pockets
  • Windproof lining
  • Inexpensive and cheap


  • Not as durable or waterproof as more expensive models, like the Drake
  • Sizes run short

Things to Consider in Choosing a Waterproof Waterfowl Jacket

Whether you're waterfowl hunting for ducks or geese, wading in the water or hunting from a duck blind, ​there are a few things you should consider first before purchasing a waterfowl camo coat.

Waterproofing and Weatherproofing

​Waterproofing is the number #1 quality to look for, with each jacket on our list offering different waterproofing qualities which can be checked out in our reviews above. Because waterfowl hunts can leave you wadding or sitting in the marshes for long periods, you need a jacket that’s designed to stop any water getting through and keep you dry for the rest of the day. ​Waterfowl hunting can take you out in some cold, wet weather. You’ll want to find a jacket that is waterproof, aswell as insulated and can handle any rain or snow the day throws at you. Keep in mind the terrain and time of year you will be hunting in and choose an appropriate jacket. 


If you’re going to be wearing waders, it’s nice to have a jacket that works well with them. Some duck hunting jackets will have split designs, where the chest and shoulders are designed to be warm and especially waterproof, while the bottom is thinner and meant to tuck into your waders.

Waterfowl Hunting Marsh

Thickness and Flexibility

The one drawback to a heavy, warm coat, is how bulky and hard to move around in it can be. Everyone knows how annoying it can be to be weighed down by a massive jacket when trying to move quietly through the ​water and get a shot off, so keep an eye out for this when trying out jackets. A few models, like the Sitka Gear Duck Oven, manage to stay especially light, flexible and even stretchy, while others, like the Wildfowler Insulated Parka, can be a bit overwhelming and difficult to move in.

Duck Hunting Camouflage

If you’re waterfowl hunting in the marshes then you want to blend in with the reeds and your surroundings; therefore you want to make sure that your choice of jacket is fully ​camouflaged. Each pick on our list comes with different camouflaging colors and patterns.

Final Word

So there you go – our reviews of the best waterproof duck hunting jackets. We hope you’ll find one that you like, that fits well, and does exactly what you need it to do on ​your hunt. Our favorite is the Sitka Gear Duck Oven, which combines the best of waterproofness, warmth and athletic mobility into one. But it can be a bit pricey. Whichever one you choose, it’ll be sure to keep you warm and dry on those long, cold mornings on the hunt.


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