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Top 5 Best Duck Decoy Reviews of 2021

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Best Duck Decoy Reviews

Are you a duck hunting enthusiast looking for the ultimate way to make more waterfowl catches? If so, then read on. You may be a proficient duck hunter, a newcomer learning the craft, or just someone who wants to pick up a new weekend hobby. No matter what your level of experience or goals, know that the best way to go about hunting ducks productively is with a top-quality duck decoy.

Nowadays, duck hunting devotees are making full use of duck decoys when venturing out into the water. Gone are the days of trying to attract ​waterfowl with those leftover chunks of bread in a plastic bag. Today's ​waterfowl decoys are the most efficient way to lure in ducks, mallards, and all other water birds. Some are so realistic and authentic that you, along with the ducks, can’t tell the difference most of the time. Some have battery-operated wings and can fly, while others mimic a duck feeding. No matter which type of decoy you go for, they definitely make your hunting experience ​easier and more rewarding.

There are numerous sorts of waterfowl decoys out there, coming in various shapes, sizes and amounts. This article will provide a review of a comprehensive range of incredibly natural-looking and effective duck decoys, all custom designed for productive hunting. Let's get into our best duck decoy reviews.

​Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table

The Best Duck Decoy Reviews

Mojo Outdoors Teal

The Mojo Duck Decoy is a life-like green wing drake and the best duck decoy to attract ducks in the surrounding areas. Its wings are significantly faster than other winged decoys and actually spin two times faster. Lightning-fast wings ​are a cutting-edge concept which is now being incorporated into ​most models. The reason is a result of research which has revealed that all types of ducks are more attracted to a spinning wing decoy, then floating ones.

Its renowned Direct Drive System will allow a running time of up to 16 hours, which is long enough for a full day by the water. It is also equipped with a 3-piece support pole, making it extra durable. At less than 3 pounds, you can carry it in your backpack and transport it easily while moving to various spots. Mojo outdoors has integrated advanced technology with in-depth studies, culminating in an excellently designed, authentic-looking duck decoy with unmatched capabilities.

Overall: Best Motion Choice


  • Small and lightweight makes it easy to carry
  • Highly resilient and sturdy design
  • ​The small wings make it easier to maneuver
  • Can be operated with a remote
  • Up to 16 hours of operational time


  • It only has one speed
  • Batteries are not included

AvianX Top Flight

The more, the merrier, as they say. The Avian Top Flight Decoy package comes with 6 exceptionally well-designed realistic mallards, giving the authentic impression of a real flock. They are crafted in a way that creates the façade of feeding mallards. The decoys are highly resilient and will last you for ages.

The durable rubberized molding ensures that your flock stays intact during long periods in the water, and its non-chip paint will prevent local ducks from thinking they are observing a duck with leprosy. The front-weighted keel design not only assists in keeping the decoys afloat but also mimics real duck movement and behavior. The Avian Top Flight Decoy is undoubtedly the best duck decoy for the experts. Just make sure you don’t bring in more waterfowl than you can handle with it.


  • Includes 4 feeder drakes and 2 feeder hens
  • The soft, rubber design withstands cold weather
  • ​Long-lasting, resilient non-chip paint
  • Oversized from breast to tail


  • Extra weight can only be mounted at the decoy’s base
  • Pricey, but worth it

Outdoor Water Solutions ARS0302 Marker, Male

This unbelievably realistic decoy will have onlookers thinking that you just nabbed a duck from the local zoo. The Outdoor Water Solutions ARS0302 Decoy is actually a full-size duck, with colors, shades and a stance that replicates a genuine male duck. The marker can attach to your air stone which is a valuable plus, as air stones provide many health benefits to fish in the water. It’s nice to see a product that has the interests of the environment at heart. Using your air stone will also effectively reduce noise and eliminate large bubbles as a result of movement. Therefore, the decoy’s movement is believable and natural, just like a real duck’s.

On the other hand, in a small pond this can float freely. All this brings us to the best reason to get one, that being its affordable price. You get a way lot more out of the ARS0302 than expected for such a cheap decoy. This, combined with its flawless attributes, make it our top budget choice from our best duck decoy reviews list.

Verdict: Great for the Money


  • It is simple to clean and easy to adjust the diffusers
  • Top-quality, yet inexpensive
  • ​Bucket can be raised to monitor the air stone
  • Believable and natural movement
  • Is of the same quality as pricier duck decoys


  • The decoy is somewhat light for deep water

Final Approach Mallard Floating

The Final Approach decoy package has to be the most feature-loaded and dynamic out of the wide range available. You receive 12 decoys, which is a ​​very good amount and may very well end up being the biggest flock in the lake. The attention to detail is phenomenal. Every anatomical aspect of ducks has been meticulously formed and molded for enhanced realism.

From tiny head feathers, larger wing feathers, shiny beaks, and ones amazingly lifelike eyes, the Final Approach decoys take a cutting-edge, professional approach to realism. The paint is custom-quality, maintaining the decoys’ mint condition throughout all seasons. The Final Approach decoys will have ducks heads turning, as well as other hunters nearby. Just hope they don’t try hunting them.


  • Suitable for any type of duck hunting
  • Incorporates the highest levels of detail and realism
  • ​Includes 7 drakes and 5 hens
  • One-piece design that includes head and keel


  • ​The decoys are not too large
  • Certain weights may pull them down

Lucky Duck Lucky Junior

The key factor which makes the Lucky Duck the speediest duck decoy around is its aerodynamic wings. Most ​models don’t have the advantage of both sides of their wings being flat. With aerodynamic wings, the upper surface flow is faster than the lower. This allows for lightning-speed spinning, in comparison to other winged duck decoys. It also provides the convenience of not having to use the motor, as wind alone will turn the wings.

The decoy’s natural movement and landing posture signals other ducks that it's safe to land, guaranteeing that you’ll effectively lure them in. When it comes to toughness, this bad boy can withstand anything. It is built from injected, molded plastic, which means that it is virtually indestructible and one that will last for an era. If you’re looking for a sophisticated, hi-tech decoy that ensures productive duck hunting.


  • The decoy’s aerodynamic wings are secured with magnets
  • It is an authentic-looking, full-sized mallard drake
  • ​Has an extended landing position posture
  • Efficient weight of 4 pounds allow for believable movement


  • Batteries are not included

What To Look out for ​in Good ​Duck Decoys

Realistic and lifelike 

Obviously, the more genuine your decoy looks, the more effective it will be in drawing in ducks. Pick decoys that have been designed with extra attention to detail. Make sure that the wings, beaks, and eyes replicate a real duck perfectly. This is essential, as it takes no time at all for ducks to spot a something odd-looking. Their excellent eyesight and intuition enable them to spot a fake decoy from a mile away.

Natural Movement

Realistic Duck Decoy

In addition to looking authentic, decoys must also be able to mimic the behavior of ducks. If they have moving wings and fly, they must maneuver in a believable fashion. If they tread on the water, they need to bobble around naturally. The same goes with decoys that simulate a herd sticking together. If one of your decoys suddenly breaks away from the flock, floating away in another direction, your cover will immediately be blown.

Durable and Weather Resistant​

Your decoy is going to spend the majority of the time in the water. Be extra sure that the decoy you have picked has long-lasting, durable paint, and can withstand various temperatures and weather conditions. You may have the most realistic, lifelike decoy around, but if to warp, crack and peel, you can be certain that the neighboring ducks will notice.

Know what you are Hunting

Waterfowl in Water

Don’t purchase mallards, if you are planning on hunting green wings. Likewise, don’t buy geese if you are hunting ducks. Make sure that your decoy corresponds with what you are planning to hunt. The last thing you want is to arrive at a pond or river full of ducks, only to realize that you have a decoy resembling a goose.

Know How Many Decoys you Need 

Take into consideration the type of water you will be hunting in. Water flows differently in lakes, rivers and ponds, and they attract certain types of ducks in varying amounts. Certain environments are more abundant with ​waterfowl than others, and a lot has to do with the type of water. Know if you will be near lakes, rivers, or ponds, and purchase a good amount of decoys. Alternatively, you can obtain them in packs of 6 and 12, which will also save you money.

​The key to a good decoy is how natural it looks ​​to other ducks.

​Tips for Using Duck Hunting Decoys

  1. Pick the ideal hunting spot. Choose one where ducks will actually want to land.
  2. When rivers and lakes begin to freeze, look for areas with running water, as ducks usually flock to these spots.
  3. During warmer seasons, look for the harder to reach places where ducks usually will flock to.
  4. Don’t hunt in an area overcrowded with other hunters because the noise and interference will affect your hunting.
  5. Know how many decoys you need by studying the type of water in your hunting region.
  6. Consider wind conditions and direction, as ducks usually land into the wind. Also, heavy wind may prevent ducks from landing altogether.
  7. Take note of the landing zone where ducks can land when they’re flying overhead. This can be an optimal spot to catch one, as there will be a whole lot in that area.
  8. Use special decoy gloves when spreading and handling them in the water.
  9. To stop your waterfowl decoys from drifting away in the water, tie weights to them to ensure that they maintain their position​ for the duration of the hunt.

​​Waterfowl Decoy ​Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Way to Transport them?

​Because ​you may have a large number of waterfowl decoys with you on a single hunt, you need to ensure that you have a way of transporting and keeping them all organized effectively. The best way to do is to either use a ​decoy transport sled or, use a special bag designed to hold and carry your decoys. Both of these methods are the most common ways that duck hunters use to carry their decoys, as they are both very effective at the job.

Final Word​

And there you have it folks, our in-depth best duck decoy reviews guide, plus a few handy tips to help you out. Before you head out on your next duck hunting trip, make sure that you have one of these decoys with you. It will make a huge difference, and because you will ​constantly be going home with ​some top waterfowl, you will be a whole lot more enjoyable too. Just be sure not to confuse your decoy with actual duck. Keep it real guys!​