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Best Duck Decoy Sled Reviews of 2021

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Best Duck Decoy Sled Reviews

Why ​would you ​even bother considering a decoy sled? If you’re hauling around a lot of larger-sized duck decoys, having a sled can make all the difference in how much you exert yourself; ​if you would prefer not to carry them in a bag - just pull them behind you instead, through water, across grass or snow. They also work for a lot more than just decoys, so if you have a lot of gear, you can drag it as opposed to lugging it all yourself.
Duck decoy sleds will range in price from the very affordable to the heftily priced. You’ll want to look for one that is made of thick, high-quality plastic, can carry all the decoys and gear you need, and floats easily across all surfaces.

We've selected and reviewed the best duck decoy sleds available on the market today. So let's find the right model for hauling your decoys!

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table

Reviews of the Best Duck Decoy Sleds

Beavertail Sport Sled

From trusty Beavertail comes the Sport Sled, a multi-purpose sled for lugging heavy loads of whatever you need – especially duck decoys. It’s made from 100% polyethylene, which has the perfect combination of rigidness, stiffness, and durability, and is molded in a single, roto-molded construction. This means it has zero seams and is super durable. The longer shape features an aggressive leading edge, which lets it cut through rougher terrain and float over water, and a reinforced lip at the top. You can choose from three sizes; the large measures 64″ L x 29″ W x 11″ D, which is significantly larger than other decoy sleds and carries an ample number of decoys and gear.

Beavertail tested the Sport Sled for Extreme Weather conditions, ensuring it holds up to freezing cold and blistering heat. It also has ridges and grooves in the bottom for more strength and control. You can be confident in its build quality; the large comes in at a hefty 17, pounds and you can feel the quality.

Our only complaint is that, for such a durable and high-quality sled, it scratches super easily, especially on the bottom. The more scuffed the bottom is, the harder it will be to drag it smoothly across the ground. The heavyweight also makes it just that much more work to drag behind you, especially with a heavy load. It’s also a bit expensive for a sled.

However, we think the price is totally worth it and worth making the investment; the Beavertail Sport Sled is our choice for a decoy sled.

Verdict: Best Overall


  • Super tough construction; nice, thick, material.
  • Three sizes to choose from; large is very large
  • Single piece, roto-molded design
  • Aggressive shape is great for cutting through snow, mud, or top of water


  • Scratches easily
  • Heavy (17 pounds)

Terrain Utility Sled

It really doesn’t get more simply utilitarian than this Utility Sled from Terrain. Made from a high-impact polyethylene construction, it’s sturdy, durable and ready for dragging across the ground. The bottom is ribbed, a common feature on decoy sleds, which allows for better tracking across the ground. The heavy-duty tow rope is long and sturdy enough to pull heavy loads.
The Utility Sled’s large size (36” x 26”) holds a good amount of gear and is plenty for a lot of decoys. The tall sidewalls accommodate larger loads and stacking, and it’s quite versatile for transporting items other than decoys and works well for moving firewood or building materials. Terrain backs it up with a 2-year warranty.

Despite the high-quality polyethylene construction, some find the Utility Sled a little bit thin. Thus, it might work just fine on water and snow, but not so much on really rugged, rocky terrain. Just keep that in mind if you’re venturing into the woods.

Otherwise, there’s not much to it, and we like it overall. It’s utilitarian and affordable.


  • Affordable price; the cheapest on our list
  • Decently large size holds quite ample decoys
  • Ribbed bottom adds strength and stability


  • Could be thicker, especially on the bottom

Terrain Sport Sled

The Terrain Sport Sled is the larger, even more versatile big brother to the Utility Sled. It’s longer, designed for rough terrain, and comes in three sizes – 66”x 31”, 54”x 26”, and 42”x 21”. All three are good sizes for carrying a ton of decoys and anything else you may need to haul around. It’s made from the same polyethylene plastic and has the same high side walls for stability and capacity.

The ribbed bottom for dragging across any snow or ice. The molded ribbing also adds stability when out on the water, so it doesn’t tip over and soak all your gear. We really like the Sport Sled and find it thick enough for dragging a large number of decoys across almost any terrain, without being too heavy, though you may want to avoid big rocks.


  • Three sizes, extra-large capacity
  • Sturdy Polyethylene build holds a lot of weight
  • Molded ribbing on the bottom for stability and grip
  • Price range is still affordable


  • The bottom isn’t thick enough for rough, rocky terrain

Shappel Jet Ice

The Shappel Jet Ice is made for ice fishing but works just as well as a decoy sled. It​ measures 54” by 25” and is made of the same polyethylene plastic as the Terrain sleds. The tall walls let you stack a large load, including any gear you may need, and the tow rope is strong enough for very heavy loads. The molded runners on the bottom provide more strength and make steering easier as you move over ice and snow.

We really like how strong and sturdy the Jet Ice Sled is; the poly body is really thick and built to stand up to some pretty heavy use, and Shappel designed it to hold up when being dragged behind an ATV or snowmobile. So we’re pretty confident it can handle whatever duck hunting throws at it.

Two things we don’t like: the rope could be longer, especially if it’s meant for towing behind vehicles. And the plastic runners on the bottom are great, but once they are scuffed or scratched, become rough and it becomes harder to drag them across the ground with the extra friction.

Other than those minor gripes, this an extra sturdy, durable sled that we’re confident can hold up to regular use.


  • Tough, sturdy, thick polyethylene construction
  • Good size, holds a lot of gear
  • Strong tow rope


  • The rope could be longer for towing

Shappel Jet

The Jet Sled is much like the Ice Jet from Shappel. It’s made from thick, durable polyethylene, with molded runners on the bottom for strength and stability. It measures 54”x25”x10”, large enough for a large stash of decoys and your hunting gear, and he and tall side walls for storing all your gear. You can also use it for deer hunting, moving firewood, ice fishing - anything you need.

Instead of a black or ice body, however, it’s got an All-Terrain Camo paint jobs that blend right into the surroundings seamlessly, which is important when your whole kit is camouflaged.

Again, the bottom isn’t thick enough for dragging through rocky terrain and gravel, and we wouldn’t recommend doing so. We also wish the rope was longer. But for floating on water or dragging through mud and snow, it’s more than durable enough and has ample room for gear and decoys. It’s more expensive than some other models but well worth the price in our opinion.


  • Sturdy polyethylene construction
  • Molded Runners on the bottom for stability
  • Large size


  • ​The rope could be longer
  • Also a bit heavy

Things to Consider When Choosing a Waterfowl Decoy Hauler

Size and Storage

Snow Hauler

The first and most important consideration; how many decoys, and how much gear, do you need to haul, and how large of a decoy hauler do you need?
You can generally get sleds in all different sizes, some as small as 18” x 24” and others as large as over 5 feet long. Size up your decoy load and choose accordingly.

Build and Weight

Most decoy sleds worth your money are made of high-quality, thick, polyethylene plastic. This will allow them to take a beating as you haul them across rough ground and be light and buoyant enough to float on water for duck hunting. Pay special attention to the thickness of the bottom, as that’s where it’s most important.

The downside to this heavy-duty construction is that the sleds tend to be heavy; a large sled could easily weigh 15-20 pounds, which is pretty significant when you’re hauling long distances with a lot of gear or picking it up to float on the water. But, the heavier it is, generally the thicker and more durable the plastic build.


The ever-important question. You can snag a good sled for as little as a $20-30, spend a little more for something larger, or even plop a few hundred dollars for a top of the line model. If you’re using it a lot, we think it’s worth investing in something quality, in at least the $60-$100 range.

Is a Sled the Right ​Carrier for my Waterfowl Decoys & Equipment?

​It depends. This all comes down to how many decoys you're intending on transporting, as well as the type of terrain that you will be potentially dragging them over. If you have a lot of duck or goose decoys, then a sled can be a perfect option as they're typically more spacious than a bag. They are, however, less organized than ​your typical hunting bag with compartments, etc. Sleds also offer the option to carry a lot of other heavier and bigger pieces of waterfowl hunting equipment in them, allowing you to chuck in your weapons and ​marsh seats for example. If you're going to be traveling across a lot of uneven and rough ground, then maybe these are not the right choice for you. If you're moving across flat ground or even fields for most of your duck hunting journey, then they would certainly be ideal. Naturally, sleds are designed for the snow so, so if you do have to haul your gear through winter conditions, they are the perfect solution.

Final Word

As mentioned above, the Beavertail Sport Sled is our top pick for the best duck decoy sled. It’s made of the highest-quality, thick polyethylene, in a single, roto-molded design that holds up to anything, and is built to last. The unique shape helps it move easily across both rugged terrain and float on water, even with a full load – and the extra-large size ensures a full load. We do wish it was a bit lighter, and it is definitely expensive, but in our opinion worth the investment if you plan on using it a lot.

All in all, each of the 5 best decoy sleds we reviewed will hold up just fine and get the job done, hauling your gear and duck decoys anywhere you need to go. Pick one you like and can afford, and get back out there duck hunting!