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Best Duck Decoy Bag Reviews of 2021 | Guide

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Best Duck Decoy Bag Reviews

​Is a bag the right option for carrying all your decoys around in one place? ​A good decoy bag will let you carry all your decoys on your back while traveling. Unlike decoy hand sleds, these specially ​designed bags will free up your hands for other purposes – like hiking and carrying your rifle. Duck hunting can be demanding, putting you through wind, rain, mud and bitter cold. It can also mean a lot of trekking long distances over long terrain.

So a decoy bag that can handle all these elements and carry all your duck and goose decoys firmly on your back is a necessity. Stick around and see our reviews of the Best Duck Decoy Bags ​to buy.

Top 5 Rated Models Comparison Table



Capacity (Decoys)



Whistling Wings Mossy Oak Decoy Bag

24 medium

Splash Long Haul Decoy Bag

36 large, 42 medium

Backpack straps

Decoypro Silhouette Decoy Bag

48 standard silhouette

Carry handle/shoulder sling

DecoyPro Mesh Bags

24 duck, 6 floating

Backpack straps

DecoyPro 12-Slot Bag

12 large

Carry handle/shoulder sling

Reviews of The Best Duck Decoy Bags

Whistling Wings Mossy Oak Decoy Bag

As simple and easy as it gets. The Whistling Wings Mossy Oak Decoy Bag is made of straight-up mesh, letting your decoys dry out and preventing mold, smells and all the other drawbacks associated with wet stuff. It features a heavy-duty shoulder strap for carrying comfortable on your shoulder, and a drawstring closure on top for cinching it closed. At 47” x 50”, it’s spacious and can hold a large amount of duck or goose models.

This simplicity is the Whistling Wings bag’s strength; it is super light and without frills. Just load it up with decoys, close it and throw it on your back, and start hiking.

That’s also it’s only real drawback; there just isn’t much there. It weighs practically nothing itself but without a frame or suspension, isn’t comfortable for carrying around on your back all day. The mesh is quite thin and can tear easily if snagged on a branch, and the chest straps are not adjustable.

It’s not a bad choice if you just wanted the cheapest bag possible, but it may be worth spending more for a more substantial bag.


  • Very affordable
  • Ample capacity
  • Mesh lets everything dry out easily
  • Very light


  • A little too light; tears easily
  • Straps are not adjustable

Splash Long Haul Decoy Bag

The Splash Long Haul is built for exactly the reason it’s described: long hikes in the woods. It can hold up to 36 standard full-size decoys or 42 smaller ones. A rifle holder on the side of the bag keeps your rifle close and secure for longs hikes, without the hassle of a sling around your neck.

The Long Haul is a much more substantial choice than the Whistling Wings, for example. The back is made of thick, molded foam, adding shape and support for your back. The hip belt shifts some weight to your legs, and is padded, as are the shoulder straps. The bottom is mesh so water can drain easily, and the bag is designed to float if dropped into water.

What don’t we like about it? The mesh bottom is somewhat thin and rips easily, as mesh often does. And despite it’s generous capacity, it can be difficult to fit the stated number of decoys into it.
It’s a great way to keep your hands free as you trek in and out of the field, holding your rifle in addition to decoys. It’s more substantial than the Whistling Wings bag, and has a good frame and suspension for shifting. We just wish the bottom was thicker and more durable.


  • Holds up to 36 full-size models
  • Padded hip belt helps distribute weight evenly
  • Rifle sleeve for hands-free hiking


  • Mesh bottom is thin and tears easily

Decoypro Silhouette Decoy Bag

If you prefer hunting with silhouette decoys, you’ll want to opt for a dedicated silhouette carrier. Like this one from DecoyPro, that can carry up to 48 standard-size decoys and accommodates larger ones. They slide in easily via the top of the bag, and the hole in the bottom accommodates both h-shaped decoys and single-leg designs. Locking buckles inside the bag keep your decoys tightly secured.

There’s a padded shoulder strap on the top of the bag, which allows you to carry it hands-free, as well as grab handles, for when you do want to grab it quickly.

Downsides? While the quality of the bag stitching and fabric is good, many have complained about the quality of the buckles and the printing, which tends to peel of easily, some also find it awkward to put decoys in and out of the bag. We also wish it had the option to wear like a backpack.
Apart from that, this is a great, affordable silhouette decoy holder that can carry quite a few models at once.


  • Holds up to 48 silhouette model
  • Slot on bottom for h-shaped decoy legs
  • Locking buckles keep things secure
  • High-quality fabric


  • Buckle quality leaves something to be desired
  • Loading can be awkward
  • No backpack straps

DecoyPro Mesh Bags

These mesh bags are similar to the Whistlings Wings model, but from DecoyPro. They come in a pair of 2, each of which can carry up to 12 duck decoys, and 6 floating decoys. The top has drawstring closure, water drains from wet decoys easily through the mesh. Similar to the Whistling Wings, there are shoulder straps for carrying the bag like a backpack, leaving your hands free for other things.

We really like how durable these carriers are, especially with their very inexpensive price. They are well-made, and you can feel the quality in your hands; we don’t expect them to tear easily like so many other mesh bags.

Like other mesh bags, they lack any frame, padding or structure. They’re uncomfortable to wear for long periods, and the straps might dig into your shoulders after long periods. They’re also a bit small for very large decoys.
But you’re getting two very high-quality, lightweight bags for very little, so that’s to be expected. There’s a reason they have 5 stars on Amazon.


  • Super lightweight
  • Drain Easily
  • High-quality


  • Lack shape or support for longer treks

DecoyPro 12-Slot Bag

If you don’t need to bring a lot of decoys in the field but want to bring the ones you do neat and organized, this 12-slot bag will do the trick. It has – you guessed it – 12 slots for decoys, each very generously sized. You can fit mallard, wood duck, or redhead decoys, all but the largest of models. Slots sewn into the bottom prevent decoy lines from being tangled, and there are water and dirt drains in the bottom as well.

It can be carried over your shoulder with the padded shoulder strap, or via the carry handles. The setup and shape feel similar to an oversized tote bag as opposed to a backpack. There’s also a large front pocket that serves for stashing accessories and decoy lines.

A few things we don’t like. The shape and design, with only one shoulder strap, can feel a bit awkward as it swings by your side. Many have also complained that the bag lacks structure, cannot stand up on its own, and doesn’t seem strong enough to put up with being heavily loaded with decoys. Also, the stitching on certain seams seems a bit weak.

Overall, however, we like it; it’s affordable and holds 12 regular sized decoys neatly and in place.


  • Large, holds 12 decoys neatly
  • Drainage holes
  • Carry handles and shoulder strap


  • Awkward to carry long distances
  • Fabric is thin, doesn’t have much shape

Things to Consider When Choosing a ​Waterfowl Decoy Carrier


Perhaps the first thing you need to know; how many decoys do you need to carry? This will determine how big of a bag you need. You can find a lot of carriers that will hold anywhere from 36-48 standard sized decoys (more smaller, less larger ones) while some smaller and lighter bags will be able to hold 12-24. Some will also come with dividers and organizers to keeps things neat and tidy inside the bag and prevent them from moving around too much.

Design and Shape

You’re going to see a few different types of waterfowl decoy bags. The first are mesh bags, similar to stuff sacks that will hold a bunch of decoys in no particular order and cinch close at the top. These are the lightest bags by far, and will drain and dry super easily.

You can also find carriers that take on a more traditional backpack design; these will thicker, have more support and be more durable, and can also hold additional items, such as accessories and even have a sleeve for your rifle. These will be more comfortable, but will also be heavier.

Lastly, there are silhouette decoy bags; these will usually take on a different shape, as they need to accommodate thinner but wider shaped decoys. They will also have holes in the bottom of the bag for decoy legs, and often come in over-the-shoulder styles, similar to a tote bag.


Pretty straightforward, but pretty important: how much are you willing to drop on a bag? You can find a very inexpensive mesh bag for as little as $15-$20, but for $40-$50, can invest in a much nicer, thicker and more durable fabric bag for stashing as many models as you need.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick from our reviews of the best duck decoy bag would be the Splash Long Haul, as long as you aren’t planning on carrying any silhouette decoys. It can carry up to 36 regular models, has a firm support, padded back and hip belt, and a rifle sleeve, so you can hang your gun and walk around freely. It’s the best all-around decoy bag you can get for the price. If you need to carry silhouette models, then you’ll want to opt for the DecoyPro Silhouette carrier.

Choose one for yourself and get out there!