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Best Duck Hunting Waders (Reviews of 2021)

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Best Duck Hunting Waders Reviews

​If you are a dedicated duck hunting enthusiast then read on. Whether you are a pro, or completely new to the arena, you most certainly are participating in one of the most popular outdoor sports nowadays. Duck hunting is always fun and challenging, and the nice thing is that it’s an all-year hobby, with no seasonal restrictions. It also has its rewards, like a good tasting meal after a long day out in the water.

One of the most important items that every hunter needs is top-quality duck hunting waders. Every hunter favors certain weather conditions. Some prefer sunny weather over cold and cloudy days. The truth is that ducks fly more extensively and actively on cloudy, rainy or snowy days, and position themselves in near lakes, ponds, and rivers. Therefore, a superior wader is imperative. It will ensure that you stay dry and warm, without restricting mobility.

The market is crammed with a wide range of different waders, and it can be impossible to decide on the best one, especially if you are just starting out. Well, this article will assist you with your decision, with our best duck hunting waders reviews here to guide you. All the required extensive research has been done for you right here. With that said, let’s get “quacking.”

​​Top 5 Rated ​Model ​Comparison Table

The Best Duck Hunting Waders Reviews

Frogg Toggs Bull Togg™ Realtree

There ​is no doubt a wide range of decent waders out there today, but it wasn’t difficult for the Bull Togg to take the cake. Every aspect that makes for a supreme pair of waders has been covered with the utmost attention to detail. These cutting-edge waders are layered with heavy-duty, puncture-resistant bull hide, proving insulation of unbeatable standards and strength.

Matching this is the double-coated, reinforced knee pad and shin areas delivering additional durability, and that is just the start. Let’s discuss comfort and versatility. The Bull Togg waders sport Thinsulate insulated boots which include a nifty bit of ingenuity by way of the “Rip-Track Mud Walker.” The soles have been custom-built with 8mm wool felt to keep your feet warm and dry at all times. The adjustable double-locking web suspenders, with quick release buckles, lock firmly. The Bull Togg are undoubtedly the best duck hunting waders available overall, and their efficiency and effectiveness are unmatched by any others.


  • Includes a fleece-lined hand warmer
  • Reinforced knee and shins double-layered puncture protection
  • ​Adjustable nylon belt with belt loops
  • The custom shell holder stores up to 10 shotgun shells
  • 5 mm thick neoprene insulation


  • More expensive than most other models

Verdict: Best Overall

LaCrosse Mallard II

If you are a seasoned duck hunter and know the ropes, then the importance and convenience of a fine pair of waders ​are obvious to you. However, the LaCrosse Mallard II Chest Waders will make your future trips even more productive, and certainly more convenient. The 1000G

Thinsulate Ultra Insulation in the boot will keep your feet warmer than your campfire at night. As well as that, the Realtree MAX-5 camouflage pattern is custom-designed to blend into marshes and open fields, providing an added advantage of covertness. When it comes to durability, these waders will literally last you a lifetime. A combination of Lycra and spandex allow for protection against punctures, cuts, and tears, and to add to that, they are coated with Polyurethane on the knees. Since you will most probably be heading out into more treacherous terrain, the Swamp-Lite outsole provides unmatched traction in snow and mud. There are always ways to enhance your game, even if you’re a pro. The LaCrosse Mallard II Chest Wader will ensure just that.


  • Contoured Ankle-Fit design prevents heel slippage
  • Adjustable and expandable uppers for extra room
  • ​The top-loading pocket and hand offer sufficient storage
  • Double-stitched seams for further resilience
  • The waterproof neoprene stretches for a customized fit


  • Considerably more pricey, but a worthwhile buy

Hodgman Mackenzie Cleated

The best thing about the Hodgman Mackenzie Waders is the fact that they prove that quality can be obtained without having to pay an enormous amount. If you are looking for top-class waders at a very reasonable price, then opt for these. These ultra-durable boot foot waders are made from a sturdy nylon shell fabric. This heavy-duty PVC coating will guarantee that no water seeps through, and will eliminate the need to bring an extra pair of socks and underwear.

The other advantage is that this fabric makes these waders 35% lighter than others on the market. Don’t be concerned about getting into these either. They are roomy enough to fit large boot sizes and the top will reach your armpits, irrespective of how tall you are. Additionally, the adjustable suspenders allow for modification and a suitable fit. Even a giant would be able to get into the water without getting soaked.


  • Very lightweight and flexible
  • Resilient, heavy-duty nylon shell fabric
  • ​PVC boot is 25% more durable than rubber
  • There is far less chafing than with rubber models


  • Boots may pull to your feet a little when under water
  • A wading belt may be required and needs to be bought separately

Oakiwear Toddler & Childrens

Heading out into the water is as much a pleasurable experience for toddlers, as it is for adults. But, as parents, aunts, and uncles, a priority is to keep the little ones dry. With this in mind, there is no better option than the Oakiwear Neoprene Waterproof Waders. Tailor-made for children of all ages, they will keep them clean and dry for hours out in the outdoors. Not only will no water leak through them, but mud, snow, and dirt will have no chance either.

A wonderful feature is the adjustable straps. The Oakiwear Neoprene Waders will always fit your kids, even as they grow. Therefore, there is no need to go out and purchase another pair. The mounted rubber boots are specifically designed to make it easy for youngsters to put on themselves. The neoprene lining will also provide warmth in the colder water. Kids love to play outside, and catching ducks offer them a wonderful way to spend an afternoon or hunting trip. Be sure they don’t leave home without a pair of these waders.


  • Easy to clean. Just spray and hang to dry
  • Tough, neoprene-lined rubber boots
  • ​Suitable for children of all ages
  • Renowned Max- 5® camouflage design


  • Strong smell when first removed from the box
  • Boots are a little stiff initially

It’s both hard to believe, and amazing to see, how modern technology can be implemented into a pair of duck hunting waders. The Redzone’s take wader innovation to the next level, delivering the most advanced duck hunting waders available today. The hi-tech, groundbreaking Super Hydrophobic Evaporative Development System (SHEDS) will have you thinking that the initial intention was to build a robot and at the last minute shifted toward the idea of waders. SHEDS is a scientifically-advanced waterproof and breathable shield, providing paramount strength and versatility. Once you slip these on, you can confidently say goodbye to sweating, leaks, discomfort, and immobility.

The waders are fitted with 1600 gram Thinsulate Ultra insulated boots, as well as the Heat Absorbing Retention System (HARS), a leading-edge result of ingenuity. Conveniently lightweight, and also designed to withstand the harshest terrains, you can be rest assured that no matter where you are, you won’t be leaving before the ducks do.


  • HARS and SHEDS insulated and waterproof technology
  • Articulated knee design for maximum range of motion
  • ​Has a removable webbing waist belt
  • The High back panel provides protection from exposure
  • Includes side-zip chest adjustment


  • ​Area where the boot meets the pants may sometimes scratch your leg
  • Expensive, but worth every cent

Things to Consider When Looking for Waterfowl ​Waders

​​Waterfowl waders can be an expensive investment, so spend​your money on a good quality pair that suit exactly the type of ​​​​​​area you will be wading in. ​With different priced boots for different temperatures and conditions, here are some of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a top pair.

​Suitable Fit​

The better the fit of the wader, the more effective you will be. The reason is ​that a pair of waders which are too large, or too small, will hamper your mobility when dodging rocks and bushes. As well as that, if the waders are too loose, water may still seep through. Remember, the primary aim of waders is to provide sufficient insulation. On the other hand, if they are too tight you won’t be able to add an extra layer of clothing underneath, which is always a good idea. Therefore, before purchasing, ensure that the wagers you are interested in buying provide a snug and suitable fit.


Waders are made out of a variety of materials. Before buying a pair, know what your particular venture entails in terms of weather, terrain, and water. If you are in need of very durable waders, then neoprene is a sure choice. It is highly-resilient and comes in a thickness of 2mm or 5mm, depending on what is ​preferable for you. Breathable waders are constructed from a permeable membrane which allows for moisture to escape, even when in water. They can be used in warm summers, as sweat is no longer an issue, as well as in cold winters. Nylon waders are excellent for beginners and keep you extra dry and warm, as they are a step above rubber waders. Rubber waders are the perfect choice if you are on a tight budget, and are known for being a lot cheaper.

Boot Type​

Choosing the appropriate boot and sole size is just as important as the waders themselves. Primarily, there are two types of foot waders; attached and stocking. A notable advantage of attached boots is that nothing will slip into the boots. This eliminates the frustration of any annoying stones and dirt rubbing against your feet while walking. Stocking foot waders are more popular nowadays, due to their lightweight and neoprene felt. However, unlike attached, stocking foot waders have the disadvantage of debris and rocks entering the boot.


Are you​ intending on wearing a jacket over the top of ​your waders? If so, then make sure ​it is easy and comfortable for ​it to go over the pair of waders you choose. Also, because you're out in the water with your warders, the chances are that your jacket will get wet, therefore it's important to ensure you buy a ​quality, waterproof duck hunting jacket for those waterfowl.

Different Types of Material Used for Duck Hunting Waders​

Although duck hunting waders come in a variety of different materials, there are two types which stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of quality. These two materials are neoprene and rubber.

Nylon waders are also available on the market, however, these are very lightweight and don’t tend to be suitable for duck hunting. Nylon waders are better activities for fly fishing and should be left at home should you head out hunting for waterfowl.


Neoprene is an extremely durable material which can stand up to virtually anything wading in deep, dirty and cluttered waters can throw at it. Providing great insulation, a pair of duck hunting waders made from neoprene will keep you warm during colder weather, too. Because neoprene keeps heat in, you will want to buy a pair of neoprene waders which have a thickness to suit your climate. They generally come in 3-mil and 5-mil designs, so if you’re in a warmer climate go for the 3-mil design which ​is thinner.


Rubber is the traditional material used for making waders. They are not as expensive as neoprene waders and are just as durable, however, they are not breathable and so expect it to get sweaty! Rubber also tends to stiffen up when it gets cold. If you decide to go with a pair of rubber waders, make sure they are insulated… sweating doesn’t mean you are warm, and uninsulated rubber waders can get very cold, very fast.

Why are Waders Important​?

One of the most important pieces of duck hunting equipment are waders, but why?

To successfully hunt duck and other waterfowl, the hunter must overcome a vast number of different obstacles; dense shrubbery; dirty swamp water and freezing cold streams are just a few examples of these. A good pair of waders will help the hunter navigate through these many obstacles with ease and comfort.

A good pair of waders will be durable, resistant to the various abrasions they will face whilst in the water, waterproof and provide a decent level of breathability. Waders for hunting waterfowl need to stand up to a lot more than waders for fishing, so it is important that you choose the right pair.

When hunting for duck, being able to concentrate on locating the animal, tracking it and making the kill is key, and a decent-quality pair of waders will help you glide through the water and overcome all these many obstacles. Ducks tend to be found in areas off the beaten track and, naturally, these areas are harder to navigate. It is not like fly fishing where you are often stood in a relatively clear body of water.

Without a pair of waders, you will find it hard to overcome these obstacles and complete your hunt.


​​​​​Can Waders Help Deploy Duck Decoys?

​The short answer is yes. If you have a good pair of waterfowl waders that can handle the type of water and terrain you are wading in, then you should absolutely be looking to utilize duck decoys in the area. The objective of duck decoys is to simulate a real duck and to mimic their behavior. However, if you are hunting ducks and using goose decoys to lure them in, then you’ve defeated the purpose. Ducks have extremely good eyesight and can easily spot an odd occurrence, so make sure that you have a decoy relevant to the type of duck you are hunting.

Take your time and observe the ducks before deciding on what tactics to use.

Final Word

The fresh air, sounds of nature, trickling water, and the perfect hunt. Duck hunting is a truly wonderful past-time for people of all ages and families of all​ sizes, as long as you aren’t cold and wet.

​So there you have it, folks, A few useful ways to get the best out your duck hunting ​experience and our best duck hunting wader reviews list, ​ensuring that your next hunting trip is a special one. All that’s left for you to do is to decide what level of hunter you want to be, an expert or a novice. One thing’s for certain: With these waders, you will definitely be up there. ​Go get them!