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How to Secure a Gun Safe Without Bolting it to The Floor?

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A gun is no toy. Therefore you cannot handle it irresponsibly and leave it on the ground. You must keep it out of reach of immature hands and suspicious minds (e.g., burglars). Bolting the gun safe to the floor is the safest protection method.

However, sometimes, it’s not possible. If you rent an apartment, for example, your landlord might object your attentions to bolt a safe to the floor. But that does not mean that you should leave your gun unattended on the kitchen table. There are other methods to keep your safe secure.

Security Cable

security cable

Using a security cable is the quickest way to secure a gun. All you need is a heavy object and a cable. If you don’t have a security cable, don’t start panicking. Head towards the closest hardware store and get one of these.

This safety measure is as effective as the object to which you attach the gun. Keep in mind that weight prevents hostile hands from picking up your weapon. And nothing prevents them from lifting a light object.

Using a safety cable is not difficult. You won’t tie knots manually as these items are purchased inside a tool. The tool itself resembles a gun. Squeezing the handle is all it takes. Repeat the process as many times as needed and enjoy your safe haven.

Make a Fake

This precaution relies on deception. It challenges your creativity as well, thus making up for an enjoyable pastime. However, keep in mind that this method is time-consuming and can place a burden on your budget.

You can craft a fake of everything. A fake wall, for example, would fool anyone. Including burglars. Who would suspect that there is a false wall in the house anyway? A fake cabinet is another useful hiding place your gun safe.

You can always hire a professional to do the work for you. Ideal for those who don’t have the time, nerves, or affection towards craftsmanship. A professional will make the perfect hiding place and make sure that your budget does not suffer too much.

Additional Weights

increase the weight of your gun safe

Burglary has to be a swift job. A successful one that is. This is where extra weight makes the difference between a stolen safe and an effective one. If an object is too heavy, the intruders will leave it and turn their attention to something else.

You can use anything to increase the weight of your gun safe. The most natural and most obvious method is to use proper weights. If you have dumbells or similar home gym equipment, place in the safe after your workout session.

This method shares the same weakness as a safety cable. It is only useful if it’s heavy enough. Not increasing the weight sufficiently is a mere nuisance for burglars. Adding less than 50 lbs won’t prevent thieves from taking the gun safe with them. 

Metal and Concrete

The most effective method is to increase the weight of your safe permanently. To do so, place an additional metal or concrete floor inside the safe. Cut a piece of the heavy material and put it inside the safe. The heavier, the better.

Hide It Under The Floor

This method is the second most effective, right behind bolting the safe to the floor. But before you proceed, be aware that this technique functions only with wooden floors. And it requires crafty hands.

The process is simple. You must prop the floorboard enough so that there is a place for the safe. Before you put the metal box inside, make sure that there are no pipes or other obstacles. Be careful when making space on the floorboard. If you do not approach this process with caution, you can permanently damage your floor.

Sometimes it is better to call a professional to put your safe inside the floor. They don’t charge much for this work. Better pay a professional for a good job instead of fixing your costly mess.

A Gun Safe in Safety

In an ideal world, everybody should bolt their gun safe to the floor. Not everybody has the freedom to make permanent changes in their homes. But heading to the hardware store for some materials should put your fears at rest.

Buying a security cable tool is the least time-consuming technique. For those who dare to explore the creative side, building fake walls to hide the safe is not only efficient but fun as well. You want to keep your safe heavy, thus don’t be shy on adding additional things to increase the weight of the gun safe.

For those lucky enough to walk on wooden floors, you can use the environment to your advantage. Prop the floorboard so you can put the safe inside the floor. These alternative methods will prevent even the most stubborn thieves from taking your gun safe.