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Duck Hunting vs Deer Hunting: Head to Head Comparison

Hard-core deer hunters and hard-core duck hunters love their style of hunting. But when hunting season comes around, what is better? Duck hunting or deer hunting? We can’t decide on just one, but we put duck hunting and deer hunting head to head in this comparison to let you decide.Duck Hunting Pros and ConsProsYou don’t […]

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Top 5 Best Duck Hunting Kayak Reviews in 2021

With fall and winter just around the corner, duck hunting season is fast approaching. Which means hunters are polishing off their guns, repairing accessories and adding to their hunting gear. This duck season why not try out a new approach to hunting or upgrade your old angling vessel if you’re looking to fill your time over […]

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Top 5 Best Duck Hunting Gloves Reviews in 2021

Duck hunting is a popular sport amongst Americans, especially in the colder months. You must have all the right equipment to make the most out of your hunting experience. But there’s no use having a powerful gun if your fingers get frozen to the core. That’s why you need gloves. But an ordinary pair won’t do. You […]

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How to Camouflage a Duck Hunting Boat

Camouflage A Duck Hunting Boat

There are many ways you can take your duck hunting game to the next level, however, the very best thing you can do is spend time working on your boat to camouflage it and turn it into a suitable blind. Changing your decoys and adjusting the call which you use are all great tactics, but when […]

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Best Shotgun Case for Duck Hunting Reviews of 2021

Best Shotgun Case for Duck Hunting Reviews

Ready to show off that shiny new waterfowl shotgun you have for the new season? We bet that it looks real nice, though you better have some protection for it due to some of the harsh conditions that duck hunting brings. When duck hunting, you may have to spend your entire day wading, standing or […]

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How to Hunt Ducks from a Boat

Duck Hunting Boat

Hunting ducks from a boat is a lot more common than hunting them on land. After all, they are waterborne animals and it is important that you understand how to hunt ducks from a boat if you want to take it up seriously. Ducks will often flee to water when startled on land – they […]

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Best LED Light Bar for Duck Boats Reviews of 2021

Best LED Light Bar for Duck Boats Reviews

Duck hunting can be extremely fun and rewarding, however, you want to make sure that you’re kitted out correctly. If you’re intending on using a duck boat at night, then you certainly should be considering a decent set of LED light bars for them. Some waterfowl hunters like to get creative and come and design […]

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Tips on Setting Up a Duck Decoy Spread

Setting Up a Duck Decoy Spread

​If you’re a serious waterfowler, there is one thing you need to understand – to get ahead of the competition in hunting waterfowl, you need to pull out all of the stops and do everything possible to set yourself apart. Improve your shooting skills, scout for waterfowl harder and, most important of all, wade out […]

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The Best Duck Boat Paint 2021 Reviews

The Best Duck Boat Paint Reviews

Best Duck Boat Paint ReviewsSo you’re getting your boat ready for the duck hunting season, you’ve got it all kited out with equipment but wait, how does it actually look? There’s no point having all the camouflage clothing and gear on so you blend in with the marshes and reeds if your boat sticks out […]

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